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The groom is “busy” drinking and dancing with friends, the bride is married to someone else!

With bride and groomYou can do whatever you want, but on the day of the wedding, you have to be the most attentive to take care of everything carefully to avoid negligence.

However, a strange incident happened in Rajasthan (India). The groom had to pay an extremely heavy price for his carelessness and irresponsibility.

It is known that this incident happened on May 15, 2022 in the village of Chelana in Churu district, Rajasthan. The groom named Anil Mahavir Jat went to Chelana to marry a girl named Manju.

Immediately after arriving at the venue, the groom and about 150 people joined the dance festival and danced along with the DJ playing music. They were supposed to arrive at the bride’s house at 9pm but the groom was completely immersed in the music and dancing until 1am.

It is known that the groom and some of his friends were drunk, so they continued to dance to the music, causing the wedding procession to be delayed for up to 5 hours.

The groom is

The groom regretted missing the wedding time.

If true, the best time to celebrate the wedding is 1:15 am. But because the groom was busy dancing, the beautiful time was missed. Knowing that, he also showed no signs of rushing to the venue. The groom got drunk with his friends, continuing to party.

The bride’s family was really excited about the groom. They were so disappointed that they decided to cancel the wedding. It is known that when the groom and his relatives arrived, they were shocked to know that bride decided to marry another man. When they arrived, the bride was also holding her new groom’s arm.

The groom’s family had to leave, but they still filed a complaint against the bride’s family at the police station.

The bride’s family objected that the groom’s family was too careless in the wedding ceremony. If so, it is not certain that the groom will be responsible for the future even if he gets married.

After considering the opinions and consulting the police, the two parties have decided to legally cancel the wedding.

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