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The online community is displeased with the clip of the girl being groped while riding a motorbike

22/05/2022 14:02 GMT+7

On May 21, social networks stirred up with a clip recording a scene of a sexy-dressed girl being groped by a man.

The incident happened at 6:37 pm on May 20 at the Yen Phu – Thanh Nien junction (Tay Ho district, Hanoi) and the entire incident was recorded by a roadside camera. Currently, the authorities are looking for the man in the clip to handle according to regulations.

The man sexually assaulted a girl riding a motorbike on the street in Hanoi

The clip above quickly attracted the attention of the online community with many controversial opinions. Notably, many comments blamed the girl’s revealing clothes for the unfortunate incident. Someone wrote: “My condolences to the girl, but also because she dresses poorly. Why doesn’t the pervert do the same to other people?”.

However, comments of this kind were fiercely thrown. Many people are very upset with the long-standing attitude of blaming the victim in cases of sexual harassment, abuse and assault. Many people analyze that the thoughts and behaviors of individuals who like to “touch” the problem sister are pathological, completely unrelated to the subject’s dress.

Controversy on social media.
Controversy on social networks

One commenter expressed disappointment: “It’s scary when ever the crowd takes a victim-blaming stance. Not sure what they would think if it was his wife, lover, girlfriend or sister. Many girls who dress modestly are still harassed.”

Many people assert that how to dress is the freedom of each person, no one has the right to infringe on the body of another. The man’s groping behavior in the clip is unacceptable, it should be strongly condemned to protect the victim instead of steering public opinion in another direction.

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Besides, someone pointed out, two girls not wearing helmets when participating in traffic is against the law and should be punished. Some people remind girls: it’s not wrong to dress sexy, but wearing revealing clothes in public is easy to become the target of criminals, easy to lose. Choosing the right outfit when going out is something you should pay attention to and consider.

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