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The principal’s son is spreading because he loves you

Seeing that the principal’s computer screen had a semester test, his son took a picture and sent it to you to preview, causing hundreds of students to have to retake the exam.

Regarding the incident of revealing semester exam questions at Phu Long Secondary School (Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province) causing hundreds of 8th grade students to have to retake the exam, the school’s leaders had a report explaining the cause.

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Phu Long Secondary School, where the test problem happened – Photo: XA

According to the report of Mr. Phan Le Huy – Principal of Phu Long Secondary School sent to the Department of Education and Training of Thuan An City, on May 16, the school organized for students in grades 6, 7 and 8 to take the 2nd semester exam. Principal. decided to set up a team to print copy and assign teachers to teach subjects, especially English subject by the Department of Education and Training.

After the teacher issues a topic, send it to the school’s email address, the password to the email address only the Principal and 2 Vice Principals know to log in, select and approve the topic.

However, Mr. Huy did not log out of the email containing the test questions. At this time, Mr. Huy’s son, who is studying in grade 8 at school, saw his father’s computer open and saw the exam questions for Literature and Citizenship, so he took a picture of the essay and sent it to 2 close friends in the same class. “refer”.

The reason his son sent you the test is “I love and feel sorry for those two”.

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A picture of a computer screen with exam questions distributed by the principal’s son

After the students took the test, the school leader knew that the problem was revealed, so they announced the cancellation of 2 tests on May 16, and at the same time informed all teachers, students, and parents about the leak. questions and let them re-check these two subjects on the morning of May 21.

Regarding the handling direction, the school’s leaders asked all teachers to re-write all subjects that have not been tested, change the password of the email address containing the test questions.

Ms. Huynh Thi My Ngan – Head of the Department of Education and Training of Thuan An City said that it is expected that tomorrow (May 22), the Department of Education and Training will work with the school’s management board to clarify the matter, from there suitable remedial action.

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