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The rescue in the middle of a late-night cassava garden of a best friend

“Treasure Digging” Champion

In a poor coastal area nearly 30 years ago, I was honored as “big sister” by the children in the neighborhood. The first is because I am brave, then the level of destructiveness is rare. And in the end they respect me because I’m good at digging treasures.

Sounds very appealing right? But if you say you’re poor, you can’t get anything valuable! Our “treasures” at that time were simply a few mints, badminton balls, marbles, Hesman comics, notebooks… In general, all our own “branded” goods. 9X generation never mind.

The spectacular rescue between the cassava garden late at night

There are more than a dozen children in the neighborhood playing together, the youngest is 3-year-old Bong, the biggest is me and Co. It is my two children who specialize in “headshots” of all sorts of games for naughty children. And treasure digging is my great invention. The principle of the game is very simple: hide something around the neighborhood and then divide it up to find it, whoever finds it first wins.

Little Ha is the one who specializes in burying “treasure”, because she is the most prestigious child in the society. Never tell a lie, never break a promise, and it’s funny. Whoever plays cheats or nonsense, it “hits” for fear for eternity!

This girl is also very good at hiding things. The first few times it was buried in places we couldn’t find all day. Sometimes it’s near the edge of the sea culvert, sometimes it’s at the edge of a pond far away, sometimes it’s half a meter deep. Then who can find it? The Stork was so angry that he asked to change the rules, the place to play for treasure was limited to my garden, his house and Uncle Lien’s cassava garden next door. Thanks to it, I dug my first treasure: a pack of worms that belonged to the Stork himself! It looked at me with pained eyes, as if it was robbed of something very expensive.

I continuously dig up “treasures” every time Dwarf Ha reads a hint. That intelligence makes the Stork cross his eyes, because during his childhood years playing that game, he only dug it once! And that time, I was allowed to give in.

The spectacular rescue between the cassava garden late at night

After playing, all of them often come to my house to look for snacks. Sometimes, they poked an eagle to eat it, sometimes they picked passion fruit, broke it, and ate it raw, chewed on the sour blisters, sometimes they picked up a huge jackfruit and fell back. There was a time when they poked the wrong hive, the whole group screamed and ran with their legs over their necks.

Bored of digging for treasure, we played cans throwing, hide and seek, mandarin umbrellas and skipping rope. The most horrifying memory is a gathering in my yard. While jumping rope extremely well, with a bang, the Stork twisted his leg and fell face down on the field! Its mouth was covered with blood, and I was afraid that it would be too stiff. His mother panicked and ran over, quickly picked up her son on a bicycle and drove straight to the clinic. When he returned later, I worriedly asked him if he was okay. My best friend grins, oh my gosh, that’s half a tooth!

It considers it a glorious “trophy”, showing off its broken teeth everywhere. Now more than 30 years old, has 2 children, but he still likes to show off. The Stork’s wife gave him 20 million to fix his teeth, but he criticized the dentist near the house for fake skills. And it finds the chipped tooth very charming, so there’s no need to plant a new one. If it weren’t for that “open” smile, how could it be in love with his wife!

Heart-stopping rescue in the middle of the cassava garden

In addition to the brick yard full of four-season fruits in my house, the place most visited by the children in the neighborhood is the cassava garden of Uncle Lien – my uncle and neighbor. Uncle did not have a husband and children, living alone until now. We love you very much because we often receive gifts, both fruit and vegetable cakes. Uncle used to make fried flour bread with fresh vegetables, cheap, simple but strangely delicious.

The spectacular rescue between the cassava garden late at night

In the past, everyone had a few beds of potatoes, corn or cassava. Although it is located on the coast, the land is quite fertile and can grow anything. Uncle Lien often grows cassava because it is suitable for the land. And I’m most addicted to the steamed cassava with onions and fragrant sticky rice that you made yourself.

When it’s not yet the harvest season, me and the children in the neighborhood often go to the garden to play. We dig worms to go fishing, shovel dirt to play with. The cassava tree is very tall, the leaves are very thick, so playing hide and seek is also very happy. Only thing is that Uncle Lien’s garden is big, compared to a 10-year-old kid like me, it’s as big as an airport!

On sad days there is no game to play, I often invite Co to pick cassava leaves. About 1 basket full, we sit and make toys. That leaf is really beautiful, the 7 branches spread out all blocked, the stem is as purple as the sun. The Stork cut off each piece of stalk and strung it up to make a ring. I picked up knitting stalks to form a tower, taught by Uncle Lien since I was a little girl. After knitting, I put leaves on the bottom of the tower, nodding excitedly as if I had just made a cosmic work of art. The Stork pouted, I took a bunch of leaves to chase him around the cassava garden.

That day, I didn’t know what I ate, but my stomach hurt. My father was the same, so he “occupied” the toilet first, my mother had to ask me to go to Uncle Lien’s toilet. In the past, everyone at my house had a squat latrine with a hole in it, under which coal ashes or rice husks were lined. Sitting in that hole tired legs almost to death, standing up but numb, you have to hold on to the 2 bricks at the edge of the hole. It’s not like there’s a “great disaster” like the Stork fell down, rotten!

I remember it was late at that time, it must have been around 10-11 pm. Near the full moon, so the moon is bright, the night wind blows cool, I hold the flashlight and sit “discharge” very comfortably. But after a while, I started to feel scared, the whole cassava garden was shaking as if someone was walking inside. The surroundings were dim, silent, only the sound of crickets chirping. I did not dare to sit anymore, quickly wiped it clean and stood up to call softly across the fence.

– Stork, wake up, Stork!

The cassava garden is as big as the airport and the Co's spectacular rescue in the middle of the night 20 years ago - Photo 5.

The window of my friend’s room is right next to the cassava garden, I guess he is reading a story under a blanket. But how the hell did I not hear it for a long time, I started to sweat. Scared to stiff legs, suddenly there was a cold wind blowing through! In the middle of summer, I felt cold again, I was about to cry when a rambutan head peeked behind. Realizing the Stork, I was overjoyed, telling him to climb the wall to “rescue” me home. Seizing the opportunity, it immediately mocked me.

– Oh, you know how to fear ghosts, Sun? I think you can beat anything!

– Shut up, it’s like that in the cassava garden. If you pass by me and get caught, you can play alone.

He tucked his shirt back into the waistband of his pants and then turned on the wall in a very stately air. Uncle Lien’s dog barked, startling me. I grabbed the Stork’s shoulder tightly, telling him to slow down lest he get lost. It called me crazy, even the cassava garden did not dare to go through. God, I’m not afraid during the day, because it’s late at night, so I’m afraid! Who said the way to the toilet must go through the cassava garden…

If only I had a cell phone at that time, I wouldn’t have to suffer like this. Oh wait, no, if there is a cell phone to call the Stork, it will record my humiliating death in front of the latrine. Let it go, the memories are left as they are! previous-202020520053846691.chn

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