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The US grenades sent to Ukraine lacked important parts?

The American howitzers supplied to Ukraine are said to lack an advanced computer system attached to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the weapon.

In arms aid packages to Ukraine, the US has agreed to provide 90 guns howitzer M777 155mm. According to ABC News on May 20, US officials recently confirmed that 89 guns had been delivered, along with tactical vehicles to tow the artillery.

The US M777 howitzers supplied to Ukraine at the base in California

US Marines

This type of artillery is being used by the Ukrainian military in the war against Russian forces. However, the cannons that Ukraine received did not come with a digital computer system.

The grenade can still be fired accurately using the traditional method of calculating the angle of fire, but modern computer systems will help improve capacity and eliminate the possibility of human error.

If fitted to the artillery, the digital computer system will help the artillery battery operate weapons quickly and accurately identify the target.

The Pentagon did not deny ABC News’ information, but added that it had received positive feedback from Ukraine about the accuracy and high efficiency of the weapons.

A Ukrainian politician made similar comments but expressed displeasure because the cannons were not equipped with computer systems.

The US is said to not equip a computer system for the artillery sent to Ukraine


The reason why the US is not fully equipped technology aim for Ukraine has not yet been clarified. The Pentagon said it would not comment on the devices for operational security reasons.

The M777 155mm howitzer is manufactured by British contractor BAE Systems and is used by the US, Australian, Canadian, Indian… and is playing an important role in Ukraine’s war against Russian forces.

According to Military.comthe M777 cannon provides timely, accurate and continuous firepower for the US Army and Marines, replacing the M198 cannon.

The M777 cannon is lighter in weight and more flexible and easier to transport than its predecessor. Each cannon weighs about 3,400 kg, is 10.6 m long, and has a barrel size of 508 cm. Each battery consists of 8 members, the maximum rate of fire is 5 rounds per minute. This cannon has a range of 30-40 km, depending on the type of shell used.

Information that Ukraine’s M777 artillery lacks a computer system has been revealed amid frustration that Ukrainian officials have not been able to provide the US with more advanced weapons.

Sheet Politico Recently, it has been revealed that Ukrainian government officials have repeatedly asked the US to provide multiple rocket launchers in recent months.MLRS), but the White House has not yet agreed because of fears that the war in Ukraine could expand and last longer.

According to several sources familiar with the matter, the White House does not want to send the MLRS or a version of it, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), as this could be an escalation from the Kremlin’s perspective. MLRS and HIMARS both have a longer range and more destructive power than traditional mortars.

In addition, Ukraine is said to be lobbying the US to provide Western fighter jets such as the F-16. Kyiv officials say the country urgently needs the aforementioned weapons because of the perception that Russian forces are demoralized and weak. Therefore, this is the best time for Ukraine to drive Russia out of its territory with multiple artillery systems.

Up to now, the US and its allies have provided Ukraine with a variety of weapons such as anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, armored vehicles, troop carriers, Unmanned aircraft.

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