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True rumors Ngoc Trinh bought 11 hectares of land in Bao Loc to build a homestay

Many information spread on social networking sites that model Ngoc Trinh has just bought 11ha of land in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province to build a homestay. Authorities have entered the verification.

A few days ago, many pictures of models appeared on social networking sites Ngoc Trinh “check-in” at a land on the hill in Bao Loc city, province Lam Dong. Sharing these pictures, many real estate brokers revealed that Ngoc Trinh had just bought an 11-hectare piece of land in Bao Loc City to build a homestay.

On the facebook account named “Ngoc Trinh”, besides showing off the model’s luxurious camping photos, this account also posted a wacky status line: “The whole family gave some points for Trinh’s new land. huh?”

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Ngoc Trinh shows her check-in photo in Bao Loc.

According to the share of some housing broker, the 11ha piece of land that Ngoc Trinh has just owned is located in Dai Lao commune, Bao Loc city. This is a place with a prime location, adjacent to the mountains, with a cool climate that is very suitable for relaxation.

However, according to research, the news that Ngoc Trinh owns a large land area in Bao Loc City to build a homestay as mentioned above is actually just a trick to “blow up the price” of the land.

Talk to PV VietNamNet On the morning of May 20, Mr. Doan Kim Dinh – Chairman of Bao Loc City People’s Committee said, upon learning of the above information, Bao Loc City People’s Committee directed functional units and Dai Lao Commune People’s Committee to inspect.

Through verification, the land Ngoc Trinh took a picture of “check-in” is located at alley 61 B’Lao Sre, Dai Lao commune. However, this is not a construction site homestay by Ngoc Trinh. On the land records in Dai Lao commune, there is no landowner named Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh.

Chairman of Bao Loc City People’s Committee affirmed that homestay construction projects in Bao Loc city are licensed and managed by the locality. Among the projects that have been implemented and are awaiting approval, there is no project owner named Ngoc Trinh.

“This may be a trick of the real estate industry to blow up land prices. Currently, Bao Loc City People’s Committee is directing functional units to further verify, if detecting acts of spreading false information for profit, the locality will resolutely handle according to regulations.” Mr. Dinh said.

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