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Up to 21% off, only from 2.79 million-Hi-tech Fashion

The Aqua Refrigerator series has a much “softer” price segment than the “rival” refrigerator brands.

Obviously, Aqua refrigerators entered the domestic market much later than LG, Samsung or Panasonic. However, they are popular with many users because there are many affordable products that are affordable for mid-range customers. The capacity of Aqua refrigerators sold in Vietnam ranges from 50 to 602 liters, with diverse designs to meet all different needs.

Update price of Aqua refrigerator in May 2022: Maximum discount of 21%, only from 2.79 million - 1

Aqua refrigerators have more affordable products.

The new Aqua refrigerator product that landed in Vietnam this year is the 260-liter Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-B306MA(HB), with a reduced price of 9.72 million VND. Customers will have to order in advance and will be delivered in 4 – 10 days. The product is suitable for mid-range users at a reasonable price, medium capacity and integrates new technologies: antibacterial deodorant DEO Fresh, convenient external touch control panel, Power-saving Twin Inverter, Magic compartment Room – switch from -18 degrees C up to 5 degrees C.

Update price of Aqua refrigerator in May 2022: Maximum discount of 21%, only from 2.79 million - 3

Refrigerator Aqua Inverter 260 Liter AQR-B306MA(HB).

Currently, there are quite a few Aqua refrigerators on sale this May, up to 21%. The device with the lowest price is still the 50-liter Aqua Refrigerator AQR-D59FA(BS), priced at VND 2.79 million. Refrigerator is suitable for students, has the advantage of compactness, capacity just enough for 1 person.

Refer to the price list of Aqua refrigerators in May:

ProductCapacityList price (VND)Special price (VND)

Refrigerator Aqua AQR-D59FA(BS)

50 liters

2,790,000 VND

Refrigerator Aqua AQR-D99FA(BS)

90 liters

3,290,000 VND

Refrigerator Aqua AQR-T150FA(BS)

130 liters

4,890,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T219FA(PB)

186 liters

5,890,000 VND

5,400,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T239FA(HB)

212 liters

6,590,000 VND

5,440,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T238FA(FB)

211 liters

7,090,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-IG248EN (GB)

235 liters

8,090,000 VND

7,490,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T299FA(FB)

283 liters

8,790,000 VND

7,710,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T259FA(FB)

245 liters

7,890,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-B306MA(HB)

260 Liters

11,490,000 VND

9,720,000 won


Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-I298EB BS

260 liters

11,790,000 won

10,490,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T359MA(GB)

312 liters

12,690,000 VND

10,690,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-B399MA(WHB)

320 liters

13,990,000 VND

12,190,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-B348MA(FB)

292 liters

12.740,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T389FA(WGB)

344 liters

13,490,000 VND

12,990,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-IG378EB GB

324 liters

14,790,000 VND

14,390,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-B379MA(WGB)

324 liters

16,490,000 VND

14,590,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-S480XA(SG)

480 liters

16,490,000 VND

15,190,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-S541XA(BL)

541 liters

20,990,000 won

17,490,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-S480XA(BL)

480 liters

16,990,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-IG525AM GB

456 liters

21,990,000 VND

20,190,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-SW541XA(BL)

524 liters

21,990,000 VND

21,340,000 won

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-IG696FS GB

602 liters

25,090,000 VND

23,090,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-IGW525EM GB

456 liters

25,090,000 VND

24,590,000 VND

Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-IG636FM(GB)

549 liters

25,990,000 VND

*Note: The price list was updated on 5/22.

The “-” character means no discount.

According to Tran Vy (Vietnamese people)

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