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What happens to your body when you eat while looking at your phone?

Job watch phone while dining is very common in today’s meals.

If you and your family are in the habit of using screens during mealtime, you should be aware of the following side effects of looking at your phone while eating:

Causes belly fat and obesity

Studies have shown that people tend to eat more while looking at their phones because they don’t pay attention to how much they’re eating. Eating too much will eventually lead to obesity, according to the Foundation technology India’s healthcare GoMedii.

Scientists have warned that looking at your phone during mealtimes can increase Belly Fataccording to the British daily Express.

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Looking at the phone while dining is very common in today’s meals


One study found that the distraction of eating while looking at a phone led people to consume more calories than recommended.

The study was carried out on 62 volunteers, ages 18 to 28.

Participants were asked to choose their own food, including healthy and unhealthy foods – until they were full.

The study was divided into groups: distraction-free eating, moderate eating read the paper or watch phone while eating.

The results showed that, while eating while looking at their phones, the participants ate an average of 591 calories, compared with 535 calories if they weren’t distracted while eating, according to the study. Express.

Moreover, the results also show that people who look at their phones while eating tend to eat more fatty foods.

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Scientists have warned that watching phones during mealtimes can increase belly fat


In addition, this habit also causes many harms to health, including:

Brain loses focus while eating

When eating while using the phone, the brain will be distracted and send wrong signals to the body and cannot process the taste and satisfaction of eating.

Unhealthy eating habits

This leads to the formation of unhealthy eating habits, as you cannot pay attention to your eating if you are focused on your phone.

Lower metabolism

Watching the phone while eating reduces the rate metabolically, This results in food being digested more slowly and fat being burned more slowly GoMedii.


Eating while looking at your phone and digestion are related because you can’t feel how much you’ve eaten and what you’ve eaten. From there, it will lead to digestive problems because the body cannot properly digest the amount or type of food consumed.


When your mind is focused on two things at once, you won’t be able to enjoy either of them properly.

No interaction in the family

If everyone was focused on their phones while eating, they would skip talking to each other, and spend less time bonding with the family, according to the study. GoMedii.

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