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What is Management Information Systems? Study where?

A management information system is a development industry Future. However, few people choose to study because they find it difficult to understand and imagine. But if you research and explore, you will find that the profession offers many opportunities to explore and challenge yourself. From there, you will find the ideal job position. This is a career suitable for those who love calculations and study hard.

So why should you study Information Systems? Because later when you go to work, your job may not have much to do with theoretical knowledge. But this field of study will provide many opportunities and platforms for you to become a knowledgeable and versatile employee, unlike some other majors with limited distinctions.

The profession mentions TOOLS, but if you persevere, it will become


An information system is a collection of many closely related elements. These factors are very diverse, thereby creating a huge data set in each certain information system field. Or it can be understood as an information resource management industry such as: Library information, traffic information, communication systems, etc.

Although this major is a management major, to be precise it is a cross between Information Technology, Management and Systems Science. Information technology is just a tool and by using it, we can carry out overall management in a scientific and effective way, especially in large organizations such as corporations and corporations.

The reason this major is easily overlooked and difficult to understand is because it involves virtualization and is internal in nature, not easy to describe specifically as majors: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, The media,…


– Get used to completing specific tasks assigned by superiors.

– Doesn’t love math.

– Introverted, do not like to communicate with people, especially communication between departments.

– Lack of initiative. Since this industry does not have a specific job mission and position, you have to position yourself for the career you want in the future.

However, these factors are only relative. From the Management Information Systems major, you can specialize in coding, developing and maintaining ERF software, and more.

The profession mentions TOOLS, but if persistent, it will become


The salary of this profession will be very high if you have seniority in the profession. Normally, the salary information system industry is specified as follows:

– For new graduates who can hold positions: Manager, system operator, software tester, IT staff, … will have a basic salary from 8 – 12 million VND/month. (Depends on your ability).

– For jobs specializing in: Business analyst, application system analyst, IT specialist, system designer, software implementation specialist, … will have a basic salary from 15 – 30 million VND/month. (Depends on your ability).

– For those with long experience, holding positions such as: Senior specialist, coordinator, system coordinator, … will have a salary from 20 – 40 million VND/monthmaybe even higher.


1. Northern region

– Hanoi University of Science and Technology – 27.0 points

– National Economics University – 27.5 points

– Academy of Finance – 26.1 points

– Banking Student – ​​26.3 points

– Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communication Technology – 17.0 points.

2. Central and Central Highlands regions

– Danang University of Economics – 24.75 points

– Nha Trang University – 17.0 points

– Hue University of Economics – 16.0 points.

3. Southern region

– University of Economics – Law – National University of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM – 26.95 points

– University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. HCM – 26.2 points

– University of Finance – Marketing – 25.2 points

– City University of Technology. HCM – 18.0 points

– Hoa Sen University – 16.0 points.

Admissions to Management Information Systems include: A00, A01, D01, D07, A16, A10, C15, C01, D09, D03, D90, D96. toi-40-trieu-dong-thang-20220413215306533.chn

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