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WORLD NEWS May 22: Russians line up at the last McDo stores

WORLD NEWS May 22: Russians line up at the last McDo stores - Photo 1.

Russian customers queue in front of McDonald’s fast food restaurant at Leningrad station, Moscow capital on May 20 – Photo: FRANCE INFO

* According to France Info radio, in a few days, the American fast food brand McDonald’s will end its 32-year existence in the US. The 850 restaurants that the McDo business chain built during the Soviet era were sold to Russian businessmen on the condition that they will not be able to sell typical American dishes.

Many Russians who once attached and loved sandwiches, potatoes and Coca-Cola are now waiting in long lines, sometimes waiting for hours to enjoy their favorite food.

McDonald’s decided to leave Russia under the US embargo in early March, but also brands like Burger King decided to stay, despite increasingly fierce financial containment measures.

* After discussion with the European Commission, Germany and Italy decide to pay for Russian gas in rubles. The EU has accepted the payment plans of the two countries, saying the move should not be seen as a violation of sanctions the EU has imposed on Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia’s new payment scheme requires customers buying gas from “unfriendly” countries to open an account at Russia’s Gazprom bank. These countries can then pay in the currency of their choice, which is converted into rubles by their banks and sent to Gazprom.

* According to Reuters news agency, the capital Berlin (Germany) recorded at least 2 more cases of monkeypox. The first case in Germany was recorded in the city of Munich.

The Berlin city health authority said that in the next few days, more cases will appear. The patients are in stable condition.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is working to provide more guidance to countries on how to minimize the spread of monkeypox, amid concerns that cases could soar during the summer months.

Monkeypox is a mildly contagious disease in western and central Africa. The disease is spread by close contact, which means it can be contained relatively easily through measures such as self-isolation and hygiene.

Accordingly, the current outbreak in 11 countries is very unusual. Switzerland also recorded its first case on May 21, due to the patient “physical contact” with a foreigner.

WORLD NEWS May 22: Russians line up at the last McDo stores - Photo 2.

Laboratory of the Institute of Microbiology in Munich, Germany. The country recorded its first case of monkeypox on May 20 – Photo: REUTERS

* May 21st, The Russian Foreign Ministry announced a ban on entry of 26 Canadian citizens in response to sanctions from Ottawa.

A day earlier, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly announced a ban on the export and import of luxury goods to Russia.

Canada also banned the import of similar items from Russia, such as alcoholic beverages, seafood, fish and natural diamonds. Last year, trade turnover of these items between Canada and Russia reached 60.6 million USD.

* May 21st, Bangladesh officials said about 2 million people were trapped and at least 10 people died when rivers burst their banks and caused the most severe flooding in nearly two decades in the northeast of the country.

Floodwaters pouring in from northeastern India have caused the Barak River to overflow its banks, submerging at least 100 villages in the Zakiganj region of Bangladesh. An estimated 50,000 households had to live without power for several days.

Experts say climate change has increased the risk of extreme weather around the world. When the Earth’s temperature increases by 1 degree Celsius, this means that the amount of water in the atmosphere will increase by 7%, thereby causing heavy rains.

* The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center said a 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines early on May 22.

The epicenter of the earthquake was Luzon – the largest and most populous island in the Philippines – and was 174 km above the Earth’s surface.

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