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5 behaviors that seem very small but are easier to destroy a marriage than infidelity

1. Often go out all night with friends

Psychologists Vera Ha Anh said that husband and wife still need to give each other their own space. Time alone with friends is essential for every couple to renew their marriage and also to keep the balance. However, if one of the two people too often goes out at night with his group of friends, leaving the other half alone, it can easily lead to conflicts. Your spouse is annoyed by your inattention.

2. Lack of mutual trust

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In addition to love, trust is the key point so that husband and wife can love each other wholeheartedly. Because once a husband and wife have doubts, suspicions or misunderstandings, aimless anger and jealousy are inevitable.

Therefore, husband and wife need to sit together to untangle if any level appears. Husband and wife should not let conflicts, frustrations or doubts accumulate in their hearts for too long. In fact, there have been many couples divorced, even assassinated each other because of conflicts when “the water broke the bank”.

3. Don’t pay too much attention to details

The attitude of spouses to each other when their partner makes mistakes will greatly affect married life. When you are too attentive to the mistakes of the other party to criticize, it only makes the couple’s love lighter. The family atmosphere became heavy. Along with that, the negative emotional states will affect the two people, creating feelings of discomfort and resentment towards each other. Since then, leading to unresolved conflicts, divorce is inevitable.

4. Imposing personal opinions

This often happens to people who have been single for a long time. They are used to making all decisions alone and do not need to pay attention to everyone around them. They have their own views on life, family, children.

When deciding to live together, you need to know how to accept the other’s opinions and have a common voice in everything. Let’s listen and talk about all aspects of life to live together in harmony.

5. Refusing to share

At home, the spouses do not share with each other. Husband/wife is always just looking at the computer screen, phone… it makes the other person uncomfortable. Your partner also sees that you don’t want to connect or are hiding from each other or wanting to hide something. Sometimes it’s just a bad habit to entertain after a long day of work, but not paying attention gradually affects the couple’s love life. Therefore, sharing is very important in marriage.

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