6 years of spectacular “makeover” of a young man with a terrifying desire

Don’t give up hope

Pham Sy Long (born 1988 in Xuan Pho commune, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province) is one of the first Vietnamese people who aspired to donate their heads to medicine.

In 2003, when he was 15 years old while climbing a tree, Mr. Long unfortunately fell. The fall that hit his head straight to the ground left him paralyzed for the rest of his life. From a healthy person he has become a disabled person, wherever he is, almost all activities are served by his mother.

After many years of struggling in pain and despair, he taught himself to write, to draw with his mouth, to write poetry, to keep a diary, to draw pictures to enjoy life.

In early 2016, through an acquaintance of Mr. Long, informed that the world and Vietnam were researching human head transplants, Mr. Long had cherished the intention of donating his head to medicine.

On August 10, 2016, Mr. Pham Sy Long was brought from Ha Tinh to Hanoi by the Embassy of the People’s Liberation Army and a number of sponsors and his family from Ha Tinh to Hanoi, to the National Coordination Center for Human Organ Transplantation located in Ho Chi Minh City. Viet Duc Hospital to check if Mr. Long can fulfill his wish to donate his head. And Mr. Pham Sy Long became the first person in Vietnam to register to donate his head to medicine.

Six years ago, in a letter expressing his determination to donate his head to medicine, Mr. Long wrote: “I know the risk during the surgery is very great. The possibility of me dying is very high. But I think if everyone is afraid, also want to let others do it first, succeed only then they will do it, it will never be done. Now I know if the results are successful. Instead of dying slowly over the years, I want to dedicate my life to the country’s medicine, so I’m willing to take the risk.”.

  6 years of spectacular makeover of a young man with a terrifying wish - dedicate his head to medicine - Photo 1.

Mr. Pham Sy Long is now a teacher, photo NVCC.

After 6 years, Mr. Long still does not give up hope that Vietnam will soon be able to perform a head transplant.

Anh Long shared: “I still look forward to each day that Vietnam can perform a head transplant. Even now, many people, when they know my wish to donate their head, still prevent it because they feel “shocked and scared.” However, I have decided not to change my will. I always look forward to that surgery soon even though I know that I could die, even I have already written a will (laughs). big – PV)”.

Mr. Long said that an accident that happened 19 years ago had forced him to lie in one place. But it doesn’t take away the burning desire to walk again if the head transplant is successful.

Although it is impossible to know when the head transplant will be performed in Vietnam, Mr. Long wrote a will with a wish. “For whatever reason if I die, I will donate my entire body to medicine. Because I wish that even if I die, my body will still live in this world.”Mr. Long said.

The process of makingover changes oneself

Before registering to donate his head, Mr. Long’s life was alone in four walls, day by day only eating, sleeping and watching movies. Sometimes when you can write a poem, write a story or write a story. It can be said that his life at that time was just trying to find pleasures to “kill time” through the day.

After deciding to register to donate his head, Mr. Long lived a more active life, participated in many social activities, and inspired people.

  6 years of spectacular makeover of a young man with a terrifying desire - to dedicate his head to medicine - Photo 2.

Mr. Long moves in a wheelchair, photo of NVCC.

Once by chance, Mr. Long knew about a voice training course. Immediately in his mind, he thought, why don’t you take a trial lesson. And then when he joined the class, he was always fascinated by the art of talking.

In those courses, Mr. Long has a companion, which is his 17-year-old daughter. And after those courses, the father and son opened a course “Awaken Your Inner Voice”, teaching voice training, MC training, professional presentation skills in the form of online learning via zoom. .

“My life has had a lot of meaningful changes, I feel happier. Now I’m an inspirational speaker, a voice coach, training MC and the best part is I had a few daughters (adopted).

Before, I never thought about becoming a teacher to teach someone or becoming an inspirational speaker. But my daughter is the reason, the motivation for me to change. It told me: I want to become a famous speaker not only in the country but also in the world. From my daughter’s wish, I was determined to turn it into a motivation to strive.”Mr. Long confided.

Mr. Long idolizes Nick Vujicic (world famous inspirational speaker). There have also been many people saying that he is the Nick Vujicic of Vietnam. But Mr. Long denied it “Although Nick Vujicic is my idol, I don’t want to become someone’s shadow. But I have, am and will continue to do my best to become an Oriental Dragon”. Mr. Long shared.

And he also wishes that one day not far he will be able to go everywhere to inspire and transmit positive energy to everyone. When he has the opportunity to stand in front of a crowd, he also does not forget to inspire people to donate organs. htm

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