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A rustic dish from banana to a specialty

Braised snails with banana and beans, banana flower salad, fish braised with bananas, banana flower vermicelli … are favored by many people when going to restaurants with old flavors.

1. Braised snails with banana and beans

One of the dishes reminiscent of the old taste when in the summer of the North, it is impossible not to mention braised snails with banana and beans. Crispy snails, fleshy bananas mixed with greasy bacon, golden waves, mild sour taste like a country painting cause nostalgia for expatriates.

A rustic dish from banana to a specialty

For this dish, you should choose stuffed snails because snails have a very good fat, crispy meat. The secret to creating a natural consistency for the dish is to take 1-2 boiled bananas, puree them and cook them together. To make bananas white, you should soak them with water mixed with diluted lemon juice or use clear lime water. Some places, after stripping the banana peel, keep it, stir-fry, then braise to create its own flavor.

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2. Braised fish with banana

Braised fish is a popular dish that is easy to please people because of its rich flavor. According to that season, the braised fish can combine many ingredients to form its own aftertaste such as braised fish with bananas, braised fish with fillings, braised fish with kohlrabi, braised fish with bamboo shoots, braised fish with eggplant, braised fish with pickles… Green bananas when combined with field fish, especially fruit fish, are very charming, as if they were born for each other.

A rustic dish from banana to a specialty - 1

The braised banana is firm, not acrid, the fleshy taste of the banana mixed with the water secreted from the rich fish stock, eats forever. As for the fish, it’s full of the fleshy taste of bananas, the spiciness of chili peppers, the aroma of galangal and young ginger leaves, so it’s just like that.

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3. Thai Binh banana flower vermicelli

Bun bung and Quynh Coi fish soup are two typical and famous dishes of Thai Binh. If Hanoi vermicelli has a yellow broth, usually put along the net, Thai Binh vermicelli is attracted by its rustic look with milky white broth secreted from banana blossom.

A rustic dish from banana to a specialty - 2

Especially when eating it is not acrid, but on the contrary, banana flowers are in harmony with river meat, pork leg meat, the flavor of the country’s feet just like that emanates, enchanting people’s hearts.

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4. Banana flower chicken salad

According to Oriental medicine, banana flower has a sweet taste, cold properties, helps to smooth phlegm, calms stasis, clears meridians, and is often used to treat diseases such as abdominal distention, dizziness, menstrual disorders, bone marrow benefits. … In the summer, many salads made from banana flowers are both refreshing to stimulate the taste buds and act as good cures such as banana flower chicken salad, pig ear banana flower salad.

A rustic dish from banana to a specialty - 3

Banana flowers, after peeling off the old part, put it next to the pot with lemon juice, cut it to where it is and put it in the pot until it doesn’t get darker and more crispy. To add color to the mannequin, grate carrots and cut cucumbers.

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5. Baked Glutinous Banana

This rustic dish was honored at the top of the World’s Best Street Food at the 2013 World Street Food Congress in Singapore.

A rustic dish from banana to a specialty - 4

Each banana is wrapped in sticky rice with a crispy yellow outer shell, soft sweet banana inside, drizzled with greasy coconut milk, sprinkled with fragrant peanuts to create a special attraction.

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6. Cooked fish

This is a dish that clearly shows the rustic features of Thai Binh’s rice countryside. Naturally sweet and chewy fish meat, rich fish balls, soft bananas, round sour and salty taste, easy to eat. This dish is delicious with white rice or vermicelli.

A rustic dish from banana to a specialty - 5

The name ‘haunt’ also has many different oral explanations. Some people think that the fish ball made from chopped fish bones, lightly fried has the smell of kitchen smoke, so when eating, it feels like a rustic smoke, very simple. There are also people who think that the dish is meticulously processed, so from the elderly to children, from men to women, everyone likes it. Because it’s so delicious, many people always remember and become… obsessed!

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