Apple may launch the first iPhone with an edge-to-edge screen

According to Mr. Kuo’s prediction, Apple will hide all the speakers, front camera, proximity sensor and sensor for face recognition using Face ID under the screen, or around the edge of the screen. As a result, the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max launched in 2024 will have a completely new design with the first overflow screen.

According to expert Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will solve this problem with algorithms and AI, instead of technology camera lens or sensor. In recent years, the quality of photos taken with smartphones has been increasingly improved thanks to algorithms and digital processing.

Apple may launch the first iPhone with an edge-to-edge screen - 1

With the selfie camera and Face ID hidden under the screen, the iPhone 16 Pro will have an all-screen design.

According to Kuo, low light is the thing that has the most negative effect on the image quality of the front camera, so it requires both the power of the image signal processing chip and the combined image processing algorithms. together to make this goal a reality, that is, the image quality taken with the front camera and the ability to recognize faces using FaceID is as high as the standard that Apple itself has set for their commercial products.

Besides, there is also information, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially granted Apple a patent to remove the ‘rabbit ears’ part of the iPhone and put the camera system on the back of the phone’s screen. voice

The followers of ‘Apple House’ are always eager to welcome even the smallest changes of iPhone ‘generations’.

Many users expect Apple to equip Touch ID on iPhone because they have difficulty in unlocking Face ID when wearing a mask. However, since iOS 15.4, Apple has added a feature that allows Face ID to recognize and unlock without requiring the user to remove the mask.

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