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At the beginning of the week, VN-Index lost nearly 11 points

The market index in the morning was constantly struggling around reference, in general, all sectors tended to trade with strong divergence.

Specifically, in the seafood group, the transaction was exciting with many stocks moving up to the ceiling price threshold. Code IDI – Multinational Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, leading the market price in the industry with an increase of 6.96% to 20,750 VND/share.

Banking stocks traded quite positively at the beginning of this morning (May 23) with strong gainers such as SHB, NAB gaining around 1%. On the other hand, many stocks traded below the reference threshold

Divergence also appeared quite clearly in securities codes with many stocks falling to the floor. Notably, the code SSI – SSI Securities Joint Stock Company, fell deeply with the rate of 4.75% to 21,100 VND/share.

Steel stocks this morning traded excitedly with many gainers such as NKG, TLH.

Towards the end of the session, the decrease of VN-Index was further widened when a series of stocks in VN30 group were sold strongly, affecting the index.

VN-Index dropped 10.77 points (-0.87%) to 1,229.94 points. There were 153 gainers, 259 losers and 62 steady stocks on the whole floor. Liquidity was recorded with nearly 300 million shares traded, equivalent to more than 6 thousand 241 billion dong.

Sharing the same trend, HNX-Index dropped 0.89 points (-0.87%) to 306.13 points. More than 34 million shares were traded and recorded liquidity at just over 824 billion dong.

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