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Belarus accuses Ukraine of putting troops close to the border

Belarus accused Ukraine of deploying a large number of troops near the common border, even allowing “sabotage forces” to penetrate Belarusian territory.

The head of the Belarusian Security Council Alexander Volfovich said on May 22 that Belarus had noticed that the army Ukraine increased activity along the border between the two countries.

Ukrainian checkpoint on the border with Belarus in Chernihiv tỉnh province


RT quoted Volfovich as saying that Ukraine has deployed many units military to the border, an estimated 10,500 troops in Rivne province, 4,500 troops in Chernihiv and about 5,500 troops around the capital Kiev.

According to Volfovich, Ukraine is laying mines and setting up barricades along the border, and even sabotage and reconnaissance groups have infiltrated the territory. Belarus.

Ukraine has not commented on the allegation.

Meanwhile, in the reportage on May 22, the newspaper The Guardian believes that Ukrainian forces have built new defenses along the border areas with Belarus that have not been reinforced for fear of being attacked. Russian forces entered Ukraine via the Belarusian border in February as Moscow sought control of the capital Kyiv of Ukraine.

In a recent report, the British Ministry of Defense said that the presence of Belarusian forces at the border is likely to prevent Ukraine from launching a support operation on the Donbass front in the east.

On May 10, Belarusian Army Chief of Staff Viktor Gulevich announced the deployment of special forces and equipment to deal with threats from Ukraine and NATO in the south. Belarus is also holding drills on the Ukrainian border since early May.

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