Belarus accuses Ukrainian troops of infiltrating its territory

According to the Chairman of the Belarusian Security Council Alexander Volfovich, Ukrainian troops have gathered at several locations along the border, with several sabotage groups entering Belarusian territory.

‚ÄúTechnical works are being constructed along the Ukraine-Belarus border where mines are planted and barricades are erected. Many sabotage and reconnaissance groups are active, they infiltrate the territory of Belarus.”said Mr. Alexander Volfovich.

Belarus accused Ukrainian troops of infiltrating its territory - 1

Ukrainian border guards patrol the Ukraine-Belarus border. (Photo: AP)

According to Belarusian estimates, about 10,500 Ukrainian troops are stationed in the northwestern region of Rovno, another 4,500 are stationed in the east near Chernigov, and about 5,500 are concentrated in central Ukraine, the Belarusian official also said. outside the capital Kiev.

Earlier, the Chief of the General Staff, First Deputy Defense Minister Viktor Gulevich on May 10 said that Belarus will deploy units of special operations forces to deal with the formation of a group of 20,000 Ukrainian troops. near its border.

According to Viktor Gulevich, a group of Ukrainian armed forces gathered near the border of Belarus demanded a response from the country. Gulevich noted that the US and its NATO allies are also increasing their military presence near the republic’s borders: the number of these groups has more than doubled in half a year.

Relations between Minsk and Kiev, already strained, became more strained after Russia began launching a special military operation against Ukraine in February. The Russian military has attacked Ukraine from many directions, including including from Belarusian territory, raising concerns that Minsk could be directly involved in the wars. However, Belarus has repeatedly stated that it has no plans to participate in the Russian campaign, but warned that it could enter the war if attacked.

On May 5, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that “didn’t think the Russian campaign would last this long”, and criticized NATO for pumping money and weapons to Ukraine to weaken Moscow.

According to President Lukashenko, Russia “cannot lose or be defeated in this operation”. He added that Belarus had done everything to prevent and end the conflict, and said he was the one who arranged the first talks between representatives of Moscow and Kiev, which took place in Belarus.

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