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Bride sued for calling her wedding photography studio ‘looks fat’

A woman in China has gone online to criticize and slander a studio after she was unhappy with pre-wedding photos. According to the girl, the studio’s weak skills made her “look fat” on the photo. However, after being unable to reconcile, the studio went to sue the girl and the court asked the bride to issue a written apology.

On May 14, a court in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province issued a ruling ordering the girl to apologize to the wedding photography studio. Soon after, the ruling became the subject of fierce debate on Chinese social media.

The bride was sued for calling her wedding photography studio fat - Photo 1.

A bride in China is sued for calling her wedding photography studio “fat”. (Photo: SCMP)

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the girl, surnamed Wang, paid a studio in the city of Hangzhou 3,899 yuan ($577) to take the pre-wedding photos. But according to court documents, Ms. Wang was unhappy when she received the photo and took to social media to vent her anger.

“The studio’s photography skills are too bad, don’t go there to take pictures. The owner of the photo shop is a walker, low-level photography skills, not to mention service attitude,” Ms. Wang wrote on WeChat Moments.

“In the photos, I look like a 75 kg fat person. The attitude of the photography shop also changed as soon as I paid in full,” Ms. Wang told the court.

Ms. Wang added that the studio owner refused the request for a refund, and the company even ignored the case as soon as they received the full amount of payment for the photo shoot from the customer.

According to the studio owner, they offered to take pictures for Ms. Wang, but the girl refused because the studio did not replace the original photographer, whom the female customer criticized as having poor qualifications.

Ms. Wang filed a complaint with consumer protection agencies after being unable to get a refund from the studio. But the studio owner did not come to the mediation session because of the travel restriction regulations to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

For her part, Ms. Wang said that due to a dispute with the studio, she had to delay the wedding date. In addition, this woman also did not accept the explanation of the photo shop owner.

After being unable to reach an agreement with Ms. Wang, the studio owner decided to sue the female client for allegedly destroying the company’s reputation because of comments on social media.

During the trial, the judge emphasized that Ms. Wang’s insults were not based on fact and had adversely affected the reputation of the studio, even though these comments were written by Ms. Wang on WeChat Moments, which only Ms. Wang’s friends saw it.

Ms. Wang admitted her mistake and promised to post a written apology.

The Chinese online community split after the court’s ruling was announced.

“Does this mean we won’t be able to give bad reviews in the future? I understand the studio wants to protect its reputation, but shouldn’t it also protect the interests of its customers?”, one person said. Make a question.

“I believe the truth has not been fully published. She should show us whether she is just fat in pictures, or is she really fat too,” another wrote.

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