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Bustling commercial center in Vinhomes Ocean Park 2

Possessing the perfect advantage of location, landscape and facilities, the Sao Bien subdivision of Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire is expected to be a busy trade center with outstanding potential for price increases in the future. .

The value of the position “golden triangle”

With a scale of 35 hectares, Sao Bien is one of the largest subdivisions in Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire urban area. Out of more than 2,400 low-rise apartments built here, about 96% are shophouses – commercial townhouses. This product is still considered the “golden egg” of the real estate market, with an average rental income growth rate of 8-12% per year, according to a report by the Vietnam Real Estate Association. Male. These are also the first bricks to create new bustling trade centers in the east of Hanoi.

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The City of Lights, Empire Park and Vincom Mega Mall will ensure vibrant commercial activities in Sao Bien subdivision. Project perspective photo

The potential of business, sale and rental in Sao Bien subdivision is considered the most attractive in the coastal megacity of Vinhomes. Ensuring this, first of all, is the prime location of the subdivision, when it is located between the “golden triangle” created by the City of Lights Square, the 7.5-hectare Empire Park and the Central Park. Commercial Vincom Mega Mall. In particular, when the cluster of high-rise apartments with 9 towers comes into operation, the scene of “trading like a loom” can be imagined right now.

More broadly, as part of Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire, Sao Bien owns a great advantage when a series of key infrastructure projects are invested in the area. In which, many trillion-dollar traffic projects have been put into operation, such as the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, the Co Linh intersection, etc., creating the possibility of hyper-connectivity with the vibrant economic centers of the key economic region. Northern point. This is the foundation to ensure a sustainable price increase in the future, but subdivisions with outstanding advantages such as Sao Bien are considered to have many mutations.

The attraction from the “2 in 1” advantage

In addition to the location, the attraction of Sao Bien also comes from many “diamond plus points”. First of all, like many other megacities built under the model of “urban in urban”, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire also brings together the most attractive products and services of Vingroup.

In addition to Vincom Mega Mall, there is also a 5-star Vinmec Health Resort hospital with 18 presidential villas for the first time in Vietnam; A diverse system of high-quality schools, with all levels of education from preschool to high school… This utility system will create attraction, pulling customers from all over the world to come here, creating a bustling atmosphere. common rhythm, and subdivisions, including Sao Bien will all benefit.

Sao Bien is also attracted by the beauty of the works. Amidst the “architectural symphony” of the whole metropolis crystallized from world-famous cultures, the Sao Bien subdivision is an outstanding piece with the appearance of a miniature Paris. Each line and color of the landscape bears a prominent mark of the capital of light, such as Empire Square with a width of 3.68 hectares and the iconic tower of the Goddess of Light up to 50 meters high. Each villa or shophouse is also designed in a typical neoclassical style, flexible in area, bringing many options to customers, with prices from only 8 billion VND.

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Being likened to “miniature Paris”, the works in Sao Bien subdivision have the beauty of typical neoclassical architecture of France. Project perspective photo

Built according to the “2 in 1” criterion, life in Sao Bien subdivision is not only dynamic and bustling, but it is also an ideal space to bring relaxation and comfort. Residents can find this feeling every day when walking in the adjacent Empire Park, which is more than 7.5 hectares wide, where there are rows of green trees and a large water surface; The landscape clusters are beautifully designed according to each theme, meeting the needs of green living and healthy living every day.

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Sao Bien residents can use the entire high-class utility system of Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire urban area, the highlight is the world’s largest wave-making marine park complex. Project perspective photo

Besides, Sao Bien residents can also use all the utilities of the big city. It is the Silk Park canal park with a length of more than 2.6 km; The world’s largest 18ha Royal Wave Artificial Wave Park Complex in the world. This place promises to become the vibrant center of culture, art, sports and entertainment of the whole region in the future.

With a series of “diamond plus points”, Sao Bien is forecasted to be one of the most attractive magnets in the eastern metropolis of Hanoi with huge potential for price increase in the near future.

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