Chairman of FPT Telecom’s Board of Directors revealed how to become a global administrator

If you want to manage well, you must understand the skills of experts

Famous for his concept of “Lifelong learning” and constantly renewing himself, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien – Chairman of FPT Telecom highly appreciated the Doctor of Business Administration program (Doctor of Business Administration). DBAs). The training program belongs to upGrad – the world’s leading Edtech platform (technology applied to the education industry).

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Mr. Hoang Nam Tien – Chairman of the Board of Directors of FPT Telecom

Specifically, in the event “Elevate Your Executive Capability Beyond An MBA” organized by upGrad Vietnam in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday, May 14, 2022, the Chairman of FPT Telecom shared: “If the if you work for 3 years, you will have 3 years of experience; if you study for a Master’s degree in those 3 years, your experience is equivalent to 10 years. If you work as a leader for 3 years, you will have experience leadership for 3 years; but if in those 3 years you get your PhD in business administration, then you’ll have experience as a 10-year global leader.”

Mr. Hoang Nam Tien said that “Diploma is not everything”, but owning a prestigious degree from a leading training institution also partly reflects the ability of the holder of that degree.

The international DBA program at upGrad blends theory and practice seamlessly, designed by leading professors from leading universities around the world. Especially, with the power of technology, the world is really flat, wherever you are, you can quickly absorb and apply global knowledge from leading experts.

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The skills of an expert help managers understand deeply and thoroughly understand real-life issues before making important decisions for employees, customers and the company.

With the DBA program, learners are not only equipped with standard knowledge but also develop in-depth research and analysis skills, thereby helping managers to be able to evaluate problems in an overall and methodical manner. and make appropriate decisions. In addition, self-study skills and “lifelong learning” are practiced – the ability to inspire self-inspiration for life-long learning. Those are necessary skills that many executives in Vietnam have not paid much attention to, reducing their competitiveness in the market. According to the Government’s report, on average in 2021, every month, nearly 9,700 thousand businesses withdraw from the market due to lack of macro knowledge and business model, leading to inability to compete.

Direction for managers in the digital age

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Ms. Do Thi Hoa – Sales Director of Digital Banking, Bac A Bank

Not only Mr. Tien, Ms. Hoa – Business Director at Bac A Bank also loves this platform. She said that for working people, especially for managers, there is almost no time dedicated to researching and understanding issues. Online learning will help them be more flexible, proactive in arranging time and saving money. UpGrad’s consulting and support team is very enthusiastic, quick to respond and honest in the consulting process.

In the era of rapidly developing science and technology revolution, any job requires in-depth knowledge, both a solid theoretical foundation and being able to fight in the marketplace. It can be said that DBA will help students gain knowledge about research methods, analysis and in-depth understanding of an issue that businesses need. Possessing a vision with many different angles will help managers achieve efficiency at work.

Founded in 2015, upGrad is one of the six largest online learning platforms that integrate programs for executives to diploma, master’s and doctoral programs. Currently, upGrad has more than 2 million students studying in over 50 countries and has offices in India, UK, USA, Middle East, Singapore, Vietnam and many other countries. Edtech education unit – upGrad offers more than 100 courses in cooperation with the world’s leading universities, notably the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) course offered by the Swiss School of Business and Management – SSBM (Switzerland) and Golden Gate University – GGU (USA). SSBM and GGU are schools with a global reputation, specializing in Business and Management training, in addition to a network of industry experts, which will bring students in-depth knowledge and opportunities. relationship expansion.

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