Closing Ceremony of 31st SEA Games: Introducing the image of a Vietnam rich in identity – deep integration

If the criteria of the opening ceremony are attractive, moving, humane and inspirational, the special art program of the closing ceremony SEA Games 31 is to create an unforgettable resonance with international friends, showing the image of a country Vietnam that not only stops at a culture imbued with traditional identity, but also integrates deeply and widely with the world. development tends to be youthful, attractive and attractive to young people.

According to information from the Organizing Committee, the closing ceremony carried the message “Gather to shine”. Following the shine after 12 days of competition, the elite gathered in Vietnam to bring to the Southeast Asian region new vitality, a new breath of the times, of young life, of health to overcome. through all difficulties and epidemics. That further proves Vietnam’s strength and solidarity with all countries in Southeast Asia.

Closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games: Introducing the image of a Vietnam imbued with identity - extensive integration - Photo 1.

After days of exciting competition, the 31st SEA Games officially ended with a warm and solemn closing ceremony held on the evening of May 23, 2022 in Hanoi (Artwork).

With the theme of Convergence to Shine, the Closing Ceremony program is divided into 3 chapters:

Chapter 1 – My Hanoi, your love: The capital Hanoi, the land of a thousand years of civilization, always has special ways to express the elegance of the Trang An people, warmth, kindness and hospitality. With a bunch of songs about Hanoi like Hanoi on a windy night – Nong Nan Hanoi – Corner of Hanoi – October Hanoi – Hanoi faith and hope by artists Dong Hung – Khanh Linh – Bao Tram – Pham Anh Duy, with the real scene of peaceful life through the choreography of Duong Dinh Hai and music mixing by Huy Tuan.

Chapter 2 – Convergence: The main part of the Closing Ceremony began with the Flag Raising Ceremony, the parade of 11 countries, 40 sports, referees and volunteers. Along with that are the most impressive images in the 12 days of the 31st SEA Games by VTV. Next was the closing speech of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Head of the Organizing Committee of SEA Games 31; Closing statement of the Congress of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the ceremony of lowering the flag and turning off the torch. The highlight in this chapter is the handover ceremony of the LONDON flag to Cambodia – the host country of the 32nd SEA Games and the country’s welcome art performance program, Pagoda Tower: Apsara dance – a symbol of culture, soul and village. Khmer identity. The white wreaths worn by the dancers representing the SEA Games member countries are a symbol of joining hands for peace and development. Right after that was the farewell to the host country of the 31st SEA Games – Vietnam with a series of songs Quan Ho – UNESCO World Intangible Heritage with the tunes of Invite Trau, Gia You, and People in People. Don’t go back to the performance of 100 Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk singers.

Chapter 3 – Shine: Built as a music, circus and sports Gala with the participation of leading young singers of Vietnam.

Beginning with the performance of LED DANCE 218 (the dance group that entered the final round of Asia’s Got Talent), the performance combines technology with choreography and shaping, the rhythm of the dance is a continuation from the tradition. to modern. The performance ended with the presence of flags of 11 countries participating in SEA Games 31.

The Central Highlands Circus performance by the Vietnam Circus Federation is a new approach of circus art in the rhythm of modern life.

The series of medleys includes works: Vietnam’s miracle – A thousand dreams of Vietnam – Beautiful Vietnam – Vietnam’s journeys – The hearts of Vietnam – Vietnam in harmony with the five continents by artists Van Mai Huong – Uyen Linh – Duong Hoang Yen – Ha Nhi performed with the participation of hundreds of athletes from Dance Sports, gymnastics and modern dance groups creating a vibrant atmosphere of sports spirit connecting the world, overcome life’s challenges.

It is known that the closing ceremony was held at the indoor Palace of Athletics in Hanoi with the main stage with an area of ​​​​611m2, next to the 315m2 auxiliary stage and the flag system. This is considered the largest indoor stage in Vietnam up to now. Particularly, the LED screen system has an area of ​​up to 580m2. The stage is arranged in a V shape, representing Vietnam, Victory (Victory) and the arm embracing the entire community of people in Southeast Asia, and at the same time becomes the symbol of the bird of Peace with its wings as the bird of Peace. two LED screens on either side spread out and spread their wings to the starry sky.

The program’s production crew are well-known faces in the field of artistic activities such as Meritorious Artist General Director Tran Ly Ly; Content Advisor Assoc. Prof-Dr. Art Studies Nguyen Thi Minh Thai; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Cuong – Chairman of Vietnam Historical Science Association; Stage director Hoang Cong Cuong; Music Director – Composer Huy Tuan; Production Director – Meritorious Artist Thanh Hien… The program also had the participation of about 400 dancers, dance groups, young bands, artists from art units nationwide, and athletes. and armed forces stationed in Hanoi.

Items included in the closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games

– Salute the Vietnamese flag

– Parades of countries, sports, referees and volunteers

– Closing speech by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of Southeast Asian Sports Federation, Head of Organizing Committee of SEA Games 31.

– Honoring Ceremony

– Closing Statement of the 31st SEA Games by the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

– Torch-out ritual

– The ceremony of lowering the flag of the Southeast Asian Federation and the 31st SEA Games flag

– The ceremony to present the flag of DTNA between the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung, the President of the Southeast Asian Sports Federation, the Head of the Organizing Committee of the 31st SEA Games, the President of the Vietnam Olympic Committee for the representative of the Cambodian Olympic Committee – the host country. SEA Games 32.

– Flag raising ceremony, flag salute and Cambodia National Anthem

– Art program of the host country SEA Games 32

The closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games will take place from 19:30 on May 23, 2022 and will be televised live on VTV, inviting interested readers to pay attention!

* Invite readers to watch programs broadcast by Vietnam Television on TV Online and VTVGo!

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