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Discover Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G smartphone camera cluster technology

Oppo has just officially launched its most advanced smartphone model, the Find X5 Pro 5G, with the highlight that the camera system on the device has been optimized by a series of new technology.

Starting from experiments with computer imaging technology algorithms, Oppo’s early Find series smartphones have gradually stepped out of the traditional phone camera design mindset.

Completely new camera cluster on Find X5 Pro 5G


2014 marked the arrival of pixel binning technology with the ability to combine multi-sensor pixels to produce better images in low light conditions with demosaic technique (the process of converting a Bayer color grid into a final image). ) is used to improve sharpness in daylight photography. From 2014 to 2018, the rise of optical image stabilization (OIS) and computational photography made night photography a lot easier.

However, the problem for Oppo appeared in 2019 when the use of advanced technologies such as AI noise reduction technology, Multi Exposure superimposed night shooting, face recognition … consumed too much of smartphone performance. The solution given is the MariSilicon X – the first NPU developed by Oppo itself. This 6nm process NPU specializes in image processing with the ability to compute 18,000 operations per second, combined with AI to optimize image quality.

MariSilicon X – The first self-produced image processing NPU marks a new development in Oppo’s journey of “mastering” imaging technology


Inheriting all the achievements from the development of phone photography technology, Find X5 Pro 5G is a newly launched smartphone that has been raised to a new level.

Specifically, Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G owns the first photography technologies on world: 10x hybrid Zoom camera, world’s first rotating camera, camera with AI beauty mode, 3D hidden camera, hidden camera under screen and 10-bit color management system.

Find X5 Pro 5G delivers 7 visual breakthroughs: 4K Super Night Video, Super Dark Video, Pro Super Night Shot, 4K HDR Video, Super HDR Photo Capture, Super Snapshot, and Enhanced Camera for party apps Tuesday. Powered by two flagship Sony IMX766 sensors and Oppo’s own MariSilicon X image NPU, 4K Night Video recording.

The lens design of the Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G brings together the best in phone camera technology. The rear camera includes a pair of 50MP super wide-angle cameras and 50MP wide-angle cameras that record 1 billion color images and a 13MP zoom camera. In addition, the flagship camera of Find X5 Pro 5G is equipped with a high-grade lens assembly with a glass lens that improves color accuracy and eliminates chromatic aberration.

Find X5 Pro 5G is equipped with the most advanced photography technologies from Oppo


Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G is upgraded with 4K night photography and video recording mode, which is outstanding compared to previous Flagship lines like Oppo Find X3 Pro. The combination of AINR, AI noise reduction technology and 3DNR (3D Digital Noise Reduction Technology) optimizes detail in each frame.

Oppo also uses a 13-channel Spectral sensor that replaces the previous 5-channel RGBCW sensor to more accurately detect the color spectrum of the scene. As a result, the camera can better reproduce colors, restore natural skin tones when taking portraits, and capture every moment more accurately. In addition, Oppo has added the first 5-axis optical image stabilization, which offers professional-grade anti-shake and up to 3-level anti-shake, helping to deliver beautiful photos with Stable, accurate, high quality video.

The combination with Hasselblad brings more impressive color images on OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G


In addition, Oppo has also worked closely with the engineers of Hasselblad – the legendary Swedish camera, lens and photographic component manufacturer, to bring natural color correction ( Natural Color Calibration) for Find X5 Pro 5G as well as developing a series of filters for your immediate use.

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