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European leaders warn nearly a quarter of the world may have ‘nothing to eat’

European leaders warn that nearly a quarter of the world may have

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Photo: Getty

Almost a quarter of the world’s population could be without food if the war in Ukraine continues any longer, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced during his speech at the 89th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad on Tuesday. May 21.

“If the conflict in Eastern Europe does not progress in a positive direction, almost a quarter of the world will have nothing to eat, which will create new problems,” Vucic said in his opening remarks. to sue.

Earlier in May 2022, he confirmed that Serbia would not have a food shortage.

Vucic also predicts hostilities will affect most of the planet’s population next winter, calling it “the hardest time in 70 years”.

President Vucic praised Serbia’s close relationship with Hungary, arguing that the country had become Belgrade’s second largest trading partner in the European Union (EU). Hungarian President Viktor Orban, also present at the opening remarks, concurred, adding that both countries have strengths in the agricultural sector.

“Although the world situation is very complicated, based on the negotiations with Mr. Vucic, I can say that Hungary will have confidence in Serbia,” Orban said.

“We will have a difficult winter, but Serbia and Hungary have important food reserves.”

In addition, the Hungarian leader also continued to criticize the “unacceptable economic measures of Brussels” against Russia.

Orban has repeatedly described EU sanctions on Russia as hurting Hungary and other European countries more than they hurt Moscow. Budapest has so far thwarted the EU’s attempt to impose a complete embargo on Russian oil and gas imports.

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