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“Failure is painful, fans all over Thailand will be covered in tears”


Following the success of women’s football, in the men’s soccer final, coach Park Hang-seo and his team played excellently to defeat Thailand with the minimum score, thereby successfully defending the SEA Games gold medal.

After the match, many Thai media expressed extreme disappointment. Many newspapers simultaneously said that this was a “painful defeat” for War Elephants, but still admired the strength of coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students.

The MGR Online page put an emotional headline: “Thailand U23 sheds tears! Vietnam won the gold medal at SEA Games for the second time in a row”.

MGR Online wrote: “Thailand U23 team made a big disappointment when they lost to U23 Vietnam 0-1, giving the gold medal to U23 Vietnam. U23 Thailand has not been able to regain the glory in the SEA Games arena while U23 Vietnam is too much. successful with 2 consecutive gold medals in men’s football at the Southeast Asian Games”.

Similarly, Matichon newspaper also used the phrase “tears” in the headline: “Tears covered fans all over Thailand. The War Elephants did not realize their dream, losing 0-1, becoming a champion before the SEA Games champion.”

Reporters have reported that the weather in Hanoi today is rainy from morning to evening. But many Thai fans, despite the rain and very high ticket prices, were still on the field to cheer the whole team.

In the past, Vietnamese football has never won against Thailand in the SEA Games arena, but this time, Thailand has suffered a defeat.

At the end of the match after conceding, the Thai players were helpless in the goal of scoring the equalizer and had to accept a painful defeat. Thailand U23 was unable to return to the championship while Vietnam won the SEA Games gold medal for the second time in a row.

However, Thailand U23 will still receive the bonus even though they won silver. It is known that each person will receive 150,000 baht, a total of 20 people will be 3 million baht.”

Thai newspaper:

Thai newspaper disappointed when their team lost to U23 Vietnam

The Thai version of Goal has the title: “U23 Vietnam under the guidance of Coach Park Hang-seo has not lost to Thailand! U23 Vietnam finished the War Elephant 1-0, won the SEA Games gold medal”.

In addition to reporting the progress of the match, Goal was impressed with Park’s achievements: “The Korean coach has not lost to Thailand when holding the U23 team. Mr. Park has only lost to Thailand once, but that was when he led the national team at the AFF Cup 2020 and if counted at the age of U23, Coach Park still extended his achievement of never being defeated by the War Elephants. In this match, Mr. Park’s U23 Vietnam once again overcame Thailand’s U23 to win gold.”

Thailand’s Komchadluek newspaper made a rather surprising opinion that Thailand U23 was a better team but had poor finishing, so it failed:

U23 Thailand played better, but could not find the rhythm to finish open the score in the SEA Games final.

Especially in the second half, Thailand U23 created an overwhelming game and had many opportunities to score, but in the end, the War Elephant conceded a goal in the 83rd minute.”

The famous newspaper Khaosod was fed up with the results of War Elephants: “Thailand U23 disappointed again in men’s football when they only won gold at the 2021 SEA Games. Thus, after the failure of women’s football, men’s football and the players could not bring joy to people. Thailand fans can only win the silver medal.

Thai newspaper:


After the final, many Thai fans expressed their disappointment. In addition to some comforting words for teachers and coaches, Mano Polking, many netizens have criticized the level of Thailand U23 at SEA Games 31.

-“U23 Thailand in this tournament is much worse than many tournaments in the past. One of the reasons is poor preparation. With this lineup, U23 Thailand can only do so, not qualified to win gold” – a fan commented on the FA Thailand forum.

“Congratulations to Vietnam U23. You deserved to win against Thailand U23. You are the team that created more chances and the victory was reasonable.” – another fan commented.

-“U23 Vietnam won completely deserved. We are one step behind them, taking advantage of opportunities less than them. Although we are disappointed, we must accept defeat.” Another fan spoke up.

Thai newspaper:

Thai fans think that their team is not capable of winning U23 Vietnam

-“I admit that today U23 Thailand has failed completely. U23 Vietnam is a more patient and determined team. They play football with perseverance while we don’t reach our full potential” – another comment on the ASIAN Football Community forum.

“Football has to have losers and winners. Even though the players are disappointed, they need to keep fighting” – another idea to comfort teachers and coaches Polking.

-“You guys tried your best. You fought with all your heart. Both teams have the opportunity, but unfortunately, U23 Vietnam team took advantage of the opportunity and we did not!” – a Thai fan comforts “War Elephant”.

U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Thailand | 31st SEA Games men’s football (Phu Quy)

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