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GOT7 reunites after leaving JYP

In 2021, all 7 members of the K-pop group GOT7 terminated the contract with JYP Entertainment, the management company after the group’s debut in 2014. Each member has developed their own career in many fields with new management companies. However, this is not the end for GOT7 but a new beginning.

Mark continued, “Since we’re happiest when we’re on stage as a group, we don’t want to give up on this… We’re very close to each other and love spending time together. .”

After leaving the management company JYP, the members have marked their individual careers in many fields such as music and acting. Some members like Mark, Jackson, Bambam are active in markets such as the US, Thailand, and China, so it becomes more difficult to reunite and share views with the group.

“It’s a track for our fans,” explained Jay B. “I hope this tune can help lift the mood for the fans who are going through difficult times in their lives. It would be great if it could provide a moment of healing for them. “NANANA” will sound different from our previous song, which is primarily a strong sounding single.”

Group GOT7 reunited, officially released a new mini-album - Photo 4.

Fans are the main theme of the album, and during the meeting, the members often talk about their special feelings for the fans. They empathize with the fans, knowing that from their perspective, waiting for the group’s comeback makes them nervous. However, the group was also quick to assure that they would be happy to reunite at any time.

“Meeting again after a long time and working together again makes me feel like I’m back in my early 20s,” commented Jinyoung. “Seven years is just the foundation. I think we should go further.”

Group GOT7 reunited, officially released a new mini-album - Photo 5.

BamBam added, “We are today thanks to the past seven years. We will also be musically active as GOT7 in the future. We cannot say when exactly, but we hope that the you’ll look forward to it.”

“These seven years are like a scrapbook. They are built step by step and are precious times. Not always good. There are times of sadness and times of pity, but it is a time to withdraw. experience. I feel like it’s time to grow up again. I think we have to work hard to keep up with the changes,” continued Jay B.

Group GOT7 reunited, officially released a new mini-album - Photo 6.

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