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Hari Won admits to having good luck

Episode 14 Escape challenge continues to bring interesting challenges with unexpected details. At the end of episode 13, the cast Hari Won, Tuan Tran, Song Luan, Truong Quynh Anh was unconscious and when he regained consciousness, each person was confined to different rooms. In each room is a picture of a team member. Tuan Tran now lamented, “Why is my room the person I’m most afraid of?” and confirm this person is Hari Won. Suddenly a familiar voice rang out, it was the voice of the youngest missing member – Ha Viet Hoang. The rest of the people were extremely happy that the diamond maknae was still unharmed.

After that, the male lead The Godfather said, “I don’t know about some Korean artist’s clothes in my room,” and the singer’s voice “corrected” his juniors as he went, “Hua Tuan, it’s not Hari. I can’t force Tuan to go there. Why did Tuan meet me because of eating and drinking?” The cast began searching for keys in the room to get rid of the lock on both hands. After unlocking the hand lock, they need to decrypt each box to find the keys to the outside.

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Hari Won was the first to come out of her room, since then she acted as a “messenger”, reading the information in front of the door for the remaining 4 rooms. Tuan Tran doubted whether she read the words on the door correctly? The way Hari Won explained the clues outside the rooms confused Tuan Tran, he had to beg his senior “Can I translate Vietnamese?”.

Despite many initial difficulties, the outside help of Hari Won and the reappearance of “Super Intelligence” Ha Viet Hoang contributed to opening the key boxes, out of the remaining 4 doors. Song Luan admired the maknae’s brilliant mind when he couldn’t solve it for himself and for everyone without any outside clues. He expressed his admiration, “Normally, everyone will let everyone out and everyone solve it for Hoang, but who would have thought that Hoang did 5 times as much as everyone else.”

Next, the group doubted the identity of the youngest diamond brother, Viet Hoang Thanh Minh said that he was in a dark place until he heard everyone’s voice. Tuan Tran quickly “dropped” his youngest brother, “Do you know why you are in that black color? Because you are in my heart. Because Tuan’s heart is dark without Hoang by his side.”

Hari Won admits she has good luck

The next room is the “Theme Exhibition” room, arranged in a pyramid shape in the middle, surrounded by platforms with a letter above, and a piece of paper containing the theme crosswords of the previous volumes. . There is also a large sheet of paper containing symmetry cells to be solved. Tuan Tran was surprised to learn that “So, my team has played together for ten episodes, right?”.

During the deductive process, Dong Nhi’s chicken suddenly held a bouquet of flowers in front of Tuan Tran and said, “Now is also the last day of the final episodes”. Ha Viet Hoang saw it and lamented “U is heaven, everyone, I’m so cold”.

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However, it’s all just a fun “listening” show, relieving stressful moments. The process of deciphering the codes took a lot of time for the cast. Suddenly Hari Won forced his mouth “fight of struggle” when filling in the last missing word, which they unlocked to go to the next room. Tran Thanh’s wife revealed, “Sometimes I feel that I don’t have a head, but I have good luck.”

Truong Quynh Anh complained that Song Luan was more afraid than her, Tuan Tran “played tricks” to return to meet his teammates

The next adaptation titled “Capture the Moment” is designed as a maze, with layers of doors arranged alternately. The task of 5 players is to both decode the codes in the room related to the pictures and 13 switches, and run away from the security guard when the lights start to turn green and red. Without waiting long, the show gave the cast a “taste” of what it’s like to run away when the lights suddenly changed to red and green.

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They ran and tried to escape the guard in fear. Song Luan was shocked to share, “When I went to the other room, suddenly the lights went out and there was a security guard. I’ve never had this feeling, everyone. The feeling of going in to steal, then being forced to hide, to worry… It’s horrible, so scary.” Just like that, the cast had to experience the thrill of not knowing when the lights would change, and had to flee in fear when the security guard entered.

Truong Quynh Anh complained about the boys in the group, “When the security guard came in, I thought one was Tuan Tran, the other was Song Luan who could protect me. But who knows, Song Luan is more afraid than me.” The players had experiences not inferior to horror movies. Running in the sun, Tuan Tran was caught by the security guard and brought outside.

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In the absence of Tuan Tran, the rest continued to choose photos to put in the appropriate frames. The lights continued to change color, and suddenly the male lead, the “horizontal” Godfather, appeared. He revealed, “If you stole it, why did you catch it, you also see that Tuan is a sincere person, Tuan is a person with a very kind face.

That’s why Tuan escaped from his uncle, not just let everyone go.” It can be seen that he played a trick to escape and return to everyone. Seeing his juniors return, Hari Won said happily. Tuan, we need a brain, Tuan helps you see”, while the youngest diamond diamond “Why do you need a brain to call Mr. Tuan?” made him a bit “irritated”. they have opened the necessary box, from which the cast can see hints to unlock the lock to leave the current room.

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They ended up completing the challenge favorably. In a feeling of joy, Tuan Tran commented on the last room, “The room that Tuan and his team feel is right with the word “escape”, run away continuously. Tell them that we are solving this and someone will find this, find it. that”. And Ha Viet Hoang shared his excitement about the “final boss” of the Escape Challenge. “I’m a fan of Conan and I’ve spent my youth trying to know who Conan’s final boss is, but I don’t have an answer yet. I hope next episode I will know the answer”: who is the final boss of the Escape Challenge?” The group entered the next room, what awaits them ahead? All will be in the next episode. according to.

Watch episode 15 Escape challengebroadcast at 9:15 pm on Sunday, May 29, 2022 on channel VTV3.

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