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HOT: Ukraine claims to have ‘broken the spine’ of the Russian military

HOT: Ukraine claims to have 'broken the spine' of the Russian army - Photo 1.

President Volodymyr Zelensky declared that the Ukrainian army had “broken the spine” of the Russian army and stressed that Russia would not be able to stand in the coming years. Photo IT

Specifically, according to Ukrinform, in a television interview to mark three years as President of Ukraine recently, Zelensky said that Ukraine had “broken the spine” of the Russian military when it caused serious damage to the Russian military. enemy.

“They won’t be able to stand again for the next few years,” Zelensky said, adding that Zelensky said he was confident in Ukraine’s victory.

According to Zelensky, Ukraine will push Russian troops back to the front lines before February 24 – the time when President Putin launches a special military operation into Ukraine.

“It meant they couldn’t subdue us and we were able to defend our country,” he said, although he noted it would be difficult.

Zelensky’s comments came after Ukraine’s last 2,400 fighters in Mariupol surrendered and were captured, giving Russia full control of the strategic port city after months of trying to hold out.

Mr. Zelensky vowed to rescue Ukrainian defenders at the Azovstal steel plant – currently in Russian custody.

“We will bring them home,” he declared.

Mr Zelensky also said Ukraine needed to become a full candidate to join the European Union, instead of registering as a member of the broader “European Political Community” proposed by France.

“We don’t need any alternatives to joining the EU, we don’t need such compromises,” Zelensky said.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently rejected President Zelensky’s call to speed up Ukraine’s EU accession process. Mr. Macron has stated that there is no such process and stressed that Ukraine’s accession to the EU could take “decades”. The reason is that, in order to become a full-fledged EU member, Ukraine will have to meet the EU’s strict standards in governance, anti-corruption and the application of the rule of law.

Therefore, the French leader suggested that Ukraine should become part of the “European Political Community”.

But Mr Zelensky was adamant that Ukraine should be allowed to begin the process of becoming a full EU member.

The “European Political Community” initiative launched by Mr. Macron will be debated at an EU summit at the end of June. The French leader has suggested that Britain, which has just left the EU after a referendum referendum, can also participate in this community.

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