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How did Mr. Park and the Vietnamese team overcome the storm of criticism?

Under pressure for the most terrible achievement in history Vietnamese football because he “missed” to sow the habit of winning, and the secret for Mr. Park to overcome the storm of criticism is the dog Tani.

Performance pressure has always been a part of football, but if you go to a title-hungry country and continuously bring back victories that topple all expectations, the habit of “eating well” will lead to pressure on expectations. terrible.

As a national team coach who loves football as passionately as Vietnam, Mr. Park also has to endure a lot of pressure, and also criticisms about every personnel decision, or over-the-top performance like the first half of the final qualifying round. together World Cup 2022.

Mr. Park expressed: “We also know that it is football, so criticism from the outside is understandable. Everyone has a different perspective and each coach makes decisions in his opinion. .

Mr. Park in a special sharing session with Thanh Nien Newspaper

Quoc Viet

But we cannot worry about everything. Every coach and me personally, too, have their own selection criteria and at some point, it is natural to receive criticism.

That’s why being a coach is difficult. Of course, when the results are not good, we have to accept it. In football, the opinions of fans and experts abound. If we can’t stand it, then we won’t be coaches anymore. It’s a fact that has to be accepted.”

And Mr. Park shared how to overcome the storm of criticism with his students after the first leg of the 2022 World Cup final qualifying round, only knowing from losing to losing against the top giants on the continent such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. …

Vietnamese fans always have high expectations for Vietnamese teams

Ngoc Duong

“In the final qualifying round World Cup 2022, after the first 7 games we lost, people criticized us a lot, especially the fans. I asked the players, what percentage of the Vietnamese team currently support and love them.

The players told me about 70-80% of the fans still support the team Vietnam team. I tell them to think for themselves that over 50% is great and 80% is satisfactory.

In football, when we do not have good results, no matter where we go, whatever we do, we will be criticized and criticized and everyone’s life is different.

But no matter how good the results are, there will be envy, criticism and people who don’t like it. That’s something every player and coach has to be willing to accept.” Mr. Park expressed.

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