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Husband hid from his wife and gave his mother 3 gold trees, his wife reproached him for a divorce and regretted knowing the truth

05/23/2022 16:18 GMT+7

My husband hid from his wife to do something that hurt me.

I am 35 years old, married for 7 years. I now have two children, a boy and a girl. I am fortunate not to live as a bride right from the moment of marriage because the couple chose to live in the city. Although we are far away, we often come back and play with our mother-in-law. My mother-in-law also loves me very much, I also appreciate her, even though my father-in-law died early, faced many difficulties, but still tried to give my husband an education, where he is today.

Many times I expressed that I wanted to welcome my mother-in-law to live, but my mother-in-law only stayed for a few days and then returned to her hometown because it did not suit the city. Unable to convince my mother, my wife and I had to send money back to my mother every month and visit her when we were free. I treated my mother-in-law with such filial piety, somehow my husband didn’t see that, so something happened that made my family almost fall apart.

In the past few months, my husband often comes home late, sometimes he even spends the night, when asked, he just told me to go back to his hometown to have some work. Not much money is given to me… I don’t doubt my husband either, but I was shocked when I found out that the 3 gold trees were dowry when I was newly married plus sometimes the extra money I bought more was no longer in the closet. .

The husband hid his wife and brought his mother-in-law 3 gold trees, the wife reproached him for a divorce and regretted knowing the truth - Photo 2.


I asked my husband about the loss of gold, he blamed me for sure it was mixed up… Only when I said it was to the police did my husband admit that he had taken it, taken it away for an important job, and would return it after it was done. business should be kept secret. I don’t believe and suspect that my husband brought money for her, but when I went back to my hometown, why did my wife want to go with me but didn’t let me go.

Fearing that my husband would waste money on condoms, I lamented: “That gold is a dowry souvenir, a few years of sweat and effort. I betrayed my wife and children and still had the heart to bring all my money to my daughter. Do business, lend money to anyone, you can talk to me, it’s not to the extent that you have to hide it like that.” My husband was angry and didn’t say anything.

A few days later, the family atmosphere was stifling, so my husband had to be more specific about the gold he took away: “I don’t have a mistress, I’ll give my mother a job. If I told you and my mother, I’m sure my mother won’t take that money. Reluctantly, I have to.” After hearing what my husband said, I still don’t believe it, my mother-in-law is not in need of anything but needs such a large amount of money. I also insisted on a divorce from my husband.

To verify my husband’s words, the next day I personally went to visit my mother-in-law to ask for clarification. At this time, my mother-in-law burst into tears and said: “Is that money from husband and wife? But he said that he was given a big bonus by the company, so he gave me half of it. That money was to treat my mother’s illness and rebuild the kitchen. badly damaged. I don’t want because of this that you and your husband have a disagreement, I will arrange money to refund you.”

I was confused by the words of my mother-in-law, feeling that I was also guilty of being insensitive in this matter. Also because my husband hid his wife, he didn’t even let me visit my mother. So now, being my mother-in-law is awkward and apologetic. The next day, my wife and I went to visit my mother-in-law and told her all about it. My husband and I expressed our happiness when the money was worked with filial piety with my mother-in-law.

As a child, wife, my way of being suspicious and angry with my husband is not correct, is it? Hopefully, everyone will realize the lesson from my story, in order to maintain family happiness, we need to care about our parents, and share honestly with each other.

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