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If a child grows up to be successful, parents must ensure 3 FACILITIES

According to a Harvard University study, when it comes to living a successful life, there is no difference between the elite and the poor. A truly perfect life must meet 3 conditions:

It was a healthy soul, a warm childhood and loving care.

Harvard University professor George Wieland, who led the study, followed 268 Harvard students and 456 slum teenagers between the ages of 19 and 90. What is the purpose of uncovering the “mystery of a happy life”? Ultimately, the professor discovered three factors that determine happiness.

Harvard University study: For a child to grow up to be successful, parents must ensure 3 FACILITIES, applicable to both rich and poor families - Photo 1.


A healthy soul

In “10 indicators of life winners” researched by Harvard University, there are 4 indicators of health: Less psychological pressure; age 65 still in good working condition; 75 years old still have good health, can do many things; 80 years old no alcohol addiction, no depression, no anxiety, always healthy, happy.

Do you see? Health index includes 2 factors: physical health and mental health. These two elements are integrated and cannot be separated. There is a mother who always feeds her children with nutritious and scientific meals. One day, the child was walking down the street and was hungry. The boy wanted to buy a burger at a roadside restaurant, but his mother refused.

The mother also scolded her child, saying that there is a lot of delicious food at home, why ask for junk food? The child was pitiful, crying with tears in his eyes. The boy has good health, but deep inside is a fragile soul, not having the right to choose his favorite food. The mother gave the child a healthy body, but with too much control. This makes children unhappy, their minds are always stressed.

Harvard University study: For a child to grow up to be successful, parents must ensure 3 FACILITIES, applicable to both rich and poor families - Photo 2.


Parents are always afraid of their children getting hurt and bumped. At critical times, however, mental health is more important than physical health. As pressure builds up, it becomes a stumbling block in young life.

American female athlete Simone Biles once lost her form at the Winter Olympics. In an interview, she revealed: “On the day of the competition, I felt a lot of pressure. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably, unable to function properly.” The tests showed that Biles was in good health, but he always felt disoriented.

In the following days, Biles removed all the factors around him that could distract him. However, due to poor mental health, the female athlete still missed the championship. In fact, true health must come from the inside out. This requires parents to be tactful and to teach them with discipline and example.


A warm childhood

Harvard researchers have discovered: Happiness in old age is strongly related to warmth acquired in childhood. Four factors are enough to prove this: Trusted relationship, loving mother, good relationship with siblings, good personality.

The Harvard study found that people who had a good relationship with their siblings as children had an average annual salary of $51,000 more than those with a bad relationship.

Those with a warm childhood earned an average annual salary of $66,000 more than those with an unhappy childhood.

Those who were loved by their mothers earned an average annual salary of $87,000 more than those who were not close to their mothers. It can be seen that childhood experiences have a profound influence on a child’s fate as an adult. Those who were loved more as children, as adults, can also receive more love and riches.

Famous Japanese figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu (1994) has won countless medals and set 12 world records. He had a peaceful childhood, had a good relationship with his sister. Hanyu’s mother used to dislike her son learning to skate, but still respects his wish. She also sewed the school uniform for her children by hand. Every time her son competes, she goes with him.

Later, Yuzuru Hanyu also shared that her success cannot be separated from the support and support of her family. In fact, when parents are concerned, it is not only the children’s achievements, but also emotions, feelings, inner thoughts, and happiness indexes. As the child grows, there will be limitless motivation.

Receiving enough love from an early age will be a powerful source of vitality. It nurtures the child’s potential and gives them a sense of security.

Harvard University study: If a child wants to grow up to be successful, parents must ensure 3 FACILITIES, applicable to both rich and poor families - Photo 3.

Yuzuru Hanyu.

Loving care

According to Harvard, another indicator is also extremely important: It is a person’s ability to love, loving concern. This largely determines whether a person is happy or not. The real winner in life is the one who finds love before old age. Love here has two meanings.

The first meaning is love, family, friendship. The second meaning includes ideals, preferences. With the first, we are all too familiar. As for the second meaning, there is a story as follows: The Chinese women’s football team has a player named Wang Shuang, who is dubbed the “Messi of China”.

After being selected to the Junior Team at the age of 12, Wang Shuang has achieved many good achievements. On February 6, 2022, Wang Shuang and the Chinese women’s soccer team won the Asian Cup. However, Wang Shuang’s childhood was not smooth. Her parents divorced, she was raised by her aunt, so her personality is very sensitive.

Until one day, Wang Shuang ran after his cousin in the green field, saw the ball and found his love and ideal. Wang Shuang practices soccer with his male friends every day, not afraid of falling.

Once life has something to love, to do idealistically, it will become completely different. During the process of joining the team, practicing every day, Wang Shuang no longer had the guilt of “depending on others”.

Although he has no real family, football has become a safe haven in Wang Shuang’s heart. Football has become the love of this female player’s life.

When their children go to school, many parents always feel that learning must be a top priority and tell them: “Don’t go out, stay at home and do your homework”. In fact, being alone is very detrimental to health. Children who stay at home all day, burying their heads in schoolwork can cause their health to decline when they pass middle age. So for children, finding hobbies and love is very important. application

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