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Iranian colonel was assassinated in the middle of the capital Tehran

According to Tasnim news agency, Mr Khodai is “one of the guardians of the temple”. The phrase refers to military personnel or advisers that Iran says are “fighting in defense of Shi’ite sites in Iraq or Syria against groups like the Islamic State (IS)”. .

Tasnim quoted a source as saying that two people on a motorcycle opened fire on Mr. Khodai. Meanwhile, the ISNA news agency revealed that the IRGC had detected and arrested several members of an Israeli intelligence network.

The Israeli prime minister’s office, which oversees the Mossad intelligence agency, did not comment on Khodai’s case. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh claimed that “the arch enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran” were behind the colonel’s death.

Colonel of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps assassinated - Photo 1.

Khodai’s relatives surround the car that was hit by a bullet that killed him on May 22. Photo: WANA

Reuters reports that at least six Iranian scientists and academics have been murdered or attacked since 2010. Some of them have been targeted by motorcyclists in alleged incidents of assault. Iran’s nuclear program.

However, Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, and denounces the killings as acts of terrorism carried out by Western intelligence agencies and the Mossad. Israel has not spoken out about such allegations.

In April, Iran’s intelligence agency said it had “arrested three Mossad agents”, according to Fars news agency.

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