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Laughing, Mr. Park pointed out the difference between a wife and a pet

Mr. Park loves the dog Tani very much, but the way he compares the difference between this character and his wife makes people laugh.

In the private sharing with Thanh Nien about special night after the 31st SEA Games gold medalCoach Park Hang-seo mentioned the dog Tani and this character really helped him relieve a lot of pressure.

As Mr. Park expressed, he enjoyed the family room where the whole family could meet. When he heard that Thanh Nien reporter raised 7 pet dogs, he was shocked and confused continuously.

Mr. Park shared: “Raising 7 dogs is difficult. I have only one dog, but I find it difficult. I wanted to raise more but found it too hard, so I stopped.

My pet dog’s name is Tani. Every time I come back it’s fun. My family has 3 people but we rarely talk. Since the day Tani returned, the whole family has been able to talk to each other a lot.”

“Having a pet is great!”, and Mr. Park is the person who clearly feels this saying when happily talking about the feeling of peace and warmth every time he wakes up with Tani: “You know, at home many times when I go to sleep, when I wake up, I see Tani lying next to me.

I could feel Tani giving all of his love to me. Soccer win, lose. But if I miss a day and I lose, I go home my wife’s attitude is different. While Tani wasn’t like that, it was as warm and fun to me as it has been since then.”

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