‘Losing is losing, there’s no excuse’

“Everyone is very sad. But to lose is to lose, there is no excuse.” Ms. Nualphan Lamsam, head of the Thailand U23 team shared. The Golden Temple team lost with the score 0-1 first U23 Vietnam in the final match of men’s football at the 31st SEA Games. Thai football went through two consecutive SEA Games not winning gold medals in both men’s and women’s content.

The silver medal is a defeat for Thailand U23 because this team is determined to win. The Football Association of Thailand (FAT) even sent the national team head coach, Mr. Alexandre Polking, to lead the U23 team to attend the 31st SEA Games. Therefore, the second place achievement was not enough to meet the expectations of the Thai comment. .

Female U23 team leader Thailand: 'If you lose, you lose, there's no excuse' - 1

The female leader of the Thai U23 delegation was upset after the defeat of the home team. (Photo: Nam Nguyen)

“Many people may feel dissatisfied. In fact, Thailand U23 had more possession but lost from a header. Me and all the members of the team felt guilty. I think everyone All of them tried their best but could not fulfill their dream of winning gold. I am the team leader and must apologize to all Thai fans for not being able to bring back the gold medal.”said Ms. Nualphan Lamsam.

The Thai female billionaire assesses that U23 Vietnam has the home field advantage and thorough preparation. Meanwhile, U23 Thailand does not have the strongest force because some clubs do not give up players to the SEA Games team. However, the female team leader Thailand U23 does not think that this is the main cause of the defeat of the home team.

“Vietnamese football has stopped the national championship for a long time to prepare for the team, but that is not an excuse for our failure. Football has won or lost, congratulations to U23 Vietnam on winning the SEA gold medal. Games“, said Mrs. Nualphan Lamsam.

“I thank everyone for their support. Sorry for not being able to bring back the gold medal. We understand that the football gold medal at the SEA Games is very important. We are open to criticism. to keep making progress”.

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