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‘Madam Pang’ apologizes to fans after Thailand’s defeat

The head of the Thai football team, Nualphan Lamsam, admitted to feeling uncomfortable when the home team lost to Vietnam on the evening of May 22.

“Many people are upset about this result,” Nualphan Lamsam, also known as Madam Pang, told Thai media after the match. 31st SEA Games final. “Actually on the field, Thailand held the ball well, played coherently but lost from a header. Me and the team members tried our best, but the result was not as expected. This should have been a joint match. The dream ending for Thailand to win the gold medal. I am very sad and send my condolences to the fans.”

Madam Pang and Thai players apologized to their home fans after the final match on May 22 at My Dinh Stadium.  Photo: Siamsports

Madam Pang and Thai players apologized to their home fans after the final match on May 22 at My Dinh Stadium. Image: Siamsports

Thailand lost to Vietnam for the first time in the SEA Games, after having won its rival eight times, including four finals. ‘s team Madam Pangunder the direction of the coach Mano Polking, played well on My Dinh yard on the evening of May 22. They played solidly and created a few clear scoring opportunities but could not take advantage. Towards the end of the game, the Thai defense stood still Nham Manh Dung head to hit the bottom edge of the crossbar into the net. The few minutes left were not enough for Thailand to find the equalizer, losing 0-1 in the end.

“We have no excuses about this loss,” added Madam Pang. “Failure is failure. As the head of the team, I have to apologize to you. Men’s football gold medal is always the most precious gold medal in SEA Games. We missed it. This made everyone Everyone is sad. We want to receive suggestions to improve the team. Our next goal is to reach the final of the Asian U23 Championship.”

Thailand has won the SEA Games 16 times, a record that is almost impossible to catch in the coming decades. But, the last time they won was 2017, beating Malaysia in the final. Vietnam won the last two SEA Games, after beating Indonesia 3-0 in the 2019 final in the Philippines.

The young Thai and Vietnamese players will soon meet again at the Asian U23 tournament on June 2. It will be the first tournament U23 Vietnam is no longer led by a coach Park Hang-seo. Meanwhile, according to Madam Pang, Thailand will also be led by the legendary Worrawoot Srimaka, instead of coach Polking.

14 people from Vietnam’s 31st SEA Games champion squad will join 12 other players to Dubai tomorrow 24/5 to prepare for the final round of Asia U23, held in Uzbekistan from 1 to 19/6.

Vietnam 1-0 Thailand

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