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Miss Do Thi Ha: “I predict that U23 Vietnam will defeat Thailand U23 with a score of 2-1”

Men’s soccer final SEA Games 31 Between U23 Vietnam – U23 Thailand will take place at 19:00 today (May 22). On the eve of this important match, Vietnamese people had a short conversation with Miss Do Thi Ha while she was arranging work in the hope that she could directly go to My Dinh yard to “fire” for the “golden star warriors”.

With a beautiful image when wearing a red flag shirt with a yellow star to cheer the spirit of U23 Vietnam at the 31st SEA Games men’s football semi-final on the evening of May 19, Miss Do Thi Ha’s emotions when directly cheering for the “golden star warriors” in the “sea” of fans on Viet Tri field? How did you arrange your time and work so that you could follow and cheer for Vietnam U23 at the 31st SEA Games?

– This is the first time I have been directly on the field to watch and cheer for Vietnam U23 players. Being on the field makes me feel completely different than watching it on television, because being on the pitch gives me a lot of emotions. In particular, I feel more clearly the cheers of the fans and the fighting spirit of the players on the field. It is not only an entertainment event but also shows the national spirit. I myself just finished the semester exam, so I had time to cheer directly for U23 Vietnam in the men’s football semi-final at SEA Games 31.

Miss Do Thi Ha:

Miss Do Thi Ha showed off her beautiful beauty when she went to Viet Tri Stadium to cheer for U23 Vietnam in the match against U23 Malaysia on the evening of May 19. (Photo: NVCC)

During the “difficult” match with broken emotions when player Tien Linh scored in the 111th minute, many people “almost fainted” because of happiness, what about Do Thi Ha?

– I’m also very nervous, the “misses” are the moments that I remember the most, because I thought the ball would come in but not come in. (laugh). But fortunately, U23 Vietnam had a goal from Tien Linh player, it was a breaking moment for everyone, there were fans on the field crying for happiness. Despite having to kick 2 more extra time, the final result made the fans happy and proud of the players. I find this achievement worthy of the dedication of the “golden star warriors” and the expectations of the home fans.

What about the final of the 31st SEA Games men’s football taking place at My Dinh Stadium between U23 Vietnam – U23 Thailand at 19 o’clock today (May 22), Miss Do Thi Ha directly cheered for Coach Park Hang-seo and his students?

– Before that, I was busy, so I regretted not being able to directly cheer for the Vietnamese women’s team at Cam Pha Stadium. The victory of the golden girls of Vietnam makes me extremely proud. Before the 31st SEA Games men’s football final takes place at My Dinh Stadium between U23 Vietnam – U23 Thailand, I am trying to arrange my work. I hope to be able to cheer and “fuel” for U23 Vietnam to win the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games at home.

Miss Do Thi Ha:

Miss Vietnam 2020 trusts U23 Vietnam to defend the 31st SEA Games gold medal at home. (Photo: Cao Oanh)

What is your prediction about U23 Vietnam’s chance of winning against Thailand U23? Which player of U23 Vietnam do you expect to score in the final of the 31st SEA Games men’s football?

– U23 Thailand is a very strong team, however, our U23 Vietnam is also very good and fights hard. I believe this time U23 Vietnam will win again. I predict U23 Vietnam to win with a score of 2-1.

As for who will score for U23 Vietnam, I expect the whole team to unite to win. Because, each team member is a link that creates a common victory.

In addition to football at the 31st SEA Games, how does Miss Do Thi Ha view the exciting SEA Games held by Vietnam after a period of time affected by the epidemic?

– This is a meaningful Southeast Asian Games, spreading positive things to social life. The 31st SEA Games event is like a fresh breeze for the people of Vietnam in particular and countries in the region in general after a period of returning to a new normal life. People can watch sports, travel and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine at the same time. And especially, this is also an opportunity for our country to stimulate tourism, welcome the return of foreign guests and promote the image of Vietnam.

What are the achievements of the Vietnamese sports delegation at the 31st SEA Games Miss Do Thi Ha expected?

– With the good performance of the athletes in the country over the past several days, I believe that everyone will continue to keep up the good form. Not only the medal table, I and the fans believe that the Vietnamese sports delegation will also exceed the initial target.

Thank you Miss Do Thi Ha for sharing the information!

Clip Hung Dung free kick, Tien Linh headed the net of Malaysia U23. (Source: VTV6)

Do Thi Ha was crowned Miss Vietnam 2020. She became the representative of Vietnam to participate in Miss World 2021 (Miss World). During the journey of “fighting” at Miss World 2021, Miss Do Thi Ha excellently reached the Top 27 Talent contests, Top 16 Head to Head Challenge, Top 13 Top Model. After many efforts, she ended up in the Top 13 in the final beauty contest of this caliber.

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