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Morning habits prolong life, short life

Wake up in the morning, rub your sleepy eyes, quickly get out of bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, chew something and hurry to go to work… Surely this is a series of familiar actions of many people in the morning. every morning.

But did you know, the quality of your day lies in the morning. When you wake up, if you practice good habits, it will be better for you, not only improving your health but also prolonging your life. On the contrary, there are bad habits that “eat away” your life without you even realizing it.

After waking up, there are 3 habits that are easy to cause

Here are the morning routine make you “short-lived”, see if you have any habits

1. Urinate as soon as you wake up

A lot of people really can’t help but have to pee as soon as they wake up. In fact, this habit is very harmful. During sleep, blood pressure decreases, heart rate slows, various physiological functions work relatively slowly. If suddenly going to the toilet at this time, the bladder quickly empties, easy to cause hypotension, causes a short-term shortage of blood supply of the brain, leading to fainting due to urination.

Early morning is also the time to be prone to heart attack, brain stroke. Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people, after waking up immediately to go to the toilet, are also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems.

Recommendations: When you wake up, lie or sit for about 30 seconds in bed, then slowly go to the bathroom.

After waking up, there are 3 habits that are easy to cause

2. Exercise vigorously after waking up

It is true that moderate exercise has certain benefits for the human body. But some people, after waking up early, immediately begin vigorous exercise, such as running, push-ups, etc. In fact, vigorous exercise in the morning stimulates the sympathetic nerves. feeling over-excited, and at the same time disrupting autonomic nervous rhythms, making people anxious all day. Middle-aged and elderly people are also prone to heart attack and other symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease if they exercise vigorously as soon as they wake up.

Recommendations: If you want to wake up early to exercise, try to do gentle exercise, such as yoga, meditation… and stay awake not to exercise too early, wait for the sun to rise before going to exercise. !

3. Passing stools too hard

When you wake up in the morning, blood pressure is already high, if you defecate strongly, abdominal pressure increases, blood pressure will rise faster. If the patient has hardening of the small arteries in the brain, exertion can also cause a small artery in the brain to burst and bleed.

Recommendations: When stools are dry, defecation is not clear, do not use too much force or hold your breath excessively. Should eat more raw fiber-rich vegetables, bananas to avoid constipation. If this doesn’t help, you should see a doctor.

After waking up, there are 3 habits that are easy to cause

After waking up early, do 4 things to “live long”

1. Lie down for an extra 3 minutes

Once awake, without immediately sitting or getting up, you can lie still for about 3 minutes, stretch your back a few times, warm up your limbs, and then slowly get up from the bed. This helps to avoid dizziness and blood pressure fluctuations caused by sudden changes in body position.

Also, if you have high blood pressure, it’s a good idea to monitor your blood pressure within an hour of waking up. If there is an increase in blood pressure after waking up in the morning, check with your doctor.

After waking up, there are 3 habits that are easy to cause

2. Drink a glass of warm water about 200ml

Many people will be thirsty after waking up in the morning, that’s because a long night’s sleep depletes the body of moisture. Drinking water in the morning is a good thing, although not thirsty should also drink a glass of warm water. This can promote intestinal peristalsis and wash away liver and kidney toxins, and at the same time pass stool, prevent constipation. Water temperature is most suitable at about 30 degrees Celsius.

3. Brush your teeth for 3 minutes

The main purpose of brushing your teeth in the morning is to remove bacteria in your mouth and freshen your breath. And every 3 minutes brushing is very important. The average person has 28 to 32 teeth, almost each tooth has 3 sides that need to be cleaned. This means that there are about 90 tooth surfaces, each tooth brushing for 2 seconds also takes 3 minutes.

After waking up, there are 3 habits that are easy to cause

4. Eat a nutritious breakfast

The liver and gallbladder are part of the human digestive system. Bile is a highly concentrated liquid used to digest food.

If you do not eat breakfast, the bile cannot escape, it will precipitate and crystallize, creating stones, so eating breakfast is a very necessary habit to develop. Breakfast is also an important source that can come in the day, so a nutritious breakfast is very important!

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