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Mother-in-law rejected for 8 years, brave daughter-in-law “launched” making her worry because of regret-Young

Monday, May 23, 2022 15:15 PM (GMT+7)

My mother-in-law pushed me hard enough, it’s time for me to respond strongly.

Mother-in-law rejected for 8 years, brave daughter-in-law  make her worry because of regret - 1


I have been married for 8 years, I have a husband who loves his wife and children. I am also satisfied with my marriage with two obedient children. My life is also relatively complete, both husband and wife have stable jobs and good income. If only my husband and I lived separately, it would be very satisfying.

Over the years as a bride at my husband’s house, I have experienced countless joys and sorrows, but perhaps more sadness than joy. Happy for her husband and children, but so sad that many times she wanted to leave her husband’s house just because her mother-in-law was too much. Everything started right from the moment of love, my mother-in-law tried her best to prevent her son from loving me because my family was not well-off.

When I was pregnant, I had to organize a wedding, my mother-in-law approved but in her heart was not happy, considering it a “bitter fruit” encountered. It is true that when I returned to my husband’s house, it was an opportunity for my mother-in-law to try her best to retaliate. My mother-in-law was sour, sneering at her daughter-in-law to the point of suffocating. She forced me to do all sorts of chores around the house, not at all peaceful, resting. Whenever he sees me free, he forces me to clean up the warehouse and clean the old dishes. Rain and sun still force me to buy this and that, just because she… craves for food.

I am also for my husband, for my children and also think that my mother-in-law is old and difficult to understand. Just think so to avoid being sad, but then many times I can’t stand it, frustrated and miserable. I look forward to the day when I can live alone, but stay with my mother-in-law any more, I must be withered and depressed.

The more I endured, the more my mother-in-law didn’t know what she meant. There is an opportunity to try to torture, slander, insult the daughter-in-law… And whatever comes must have come. A few days ago, when my mother-in-law scolded me for thinking that the house was not clean, she threatened to kick me out of the house. Unable to stand it, I had to strongly respond: “Do you think I want to stay in this house? Not for my husband’s sake for my children, I must have left a long time ago.”

My mother-in-law angrily shouted: “Ah, really dare to argue with your mother-in-law. If you’re good, go and show me. Don’t come back and beg me.”

Having come to this country, I also directly told my mother-in-law: “I’ve endured enough for so many years. Now that I have money, I just need to borrow a little more to have my own house. Just because I take care of my mother, staying, I thought, who would you go out to eat, drink and serve you? How much do you spend on electricity, water, food, money for filial piety every month, when you go, who will take care of you? regretful person”.

My mother-in-law was surprised by her daughter-in-law’s resistance, unable to say anything. Perhaps even though I was angry, I somehow understood my words and my role in the family. That night, after calling my husband into a private room, my mother-in-law somewhat realized her excess. My mother-in-law finds that, if her daughter-in-law and son divorce, the grandchildren will suffer and she herself will lack a caregiver.

I’m happy because from that day to now, my mother-in-law has changed, no longer crouching down on me bit by bit like before, but also flatters me… Even though my mother-in-law still doesn’t really like me, but that’s it. make me satisfied. I will gradually let my mother-in-law see my sincere feelings.

Thinking back to the scene of “turning on” the mother-in-law again, I don’t understand why I dared to do that. I suddenly feel a little guilty, should I do this? What if my mother-in-law will hate me more at some point?


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