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Nhat Kim Anh wears a daring slit dress, showing off her sexy body when she first judges Miss

Recently, Nhat Kim Anh participated in a beauty contest – Miss Environment Vietnam for the first time as a judge. Appearing with a unique design of purple dress, the actress has become the focus of attention of many audiences with her splendid and luxurious image.

After the end of the program, at the same time that the U23 team was crowned the 31st Sea Games football champion, Nhat Kim Anh was not afraid to join the crowd to celebrate the victory. She shared: “It’s been a long time since I had the opportunity to go out on the street at this glorious moment, the mood is extremely excited, the atmosphere with the young people makes me even more broken.”

As a person who knows how to take care of herself from the outside to the inside, Nhat Kim Anh is always appreciated for her bravery in the entertainment industry as well as in the marketplace. It can be said that she is one of the most diligent artists when constantly changing, challenging herself to become better and better.

From starting out as a singer, then trying her hand at television and film with great success, Nhat Kim Anh is still not satisfied with herself. Overcome with victory, she continued to assert herself through her own business, and eventually built a prestigious brand for herself.

Talking about constantly making efforts and trying to change things, Nhat Kim Anh shared: “I know what I need to do, and am always proactive in everything. I want the audience to see me with my efforts, to rise up, by looking at the results that I make, to understand how hard I have worked. As for the fact that my private life appears in the press, which is something I don’t want, I hope that my dedication to my career will be more worthy of recognition.”

Nhat Kim Anh is an artist who always has a heart for her profession, she always knows where she has strengths, and uses that advantage to build a career, to manage everything. Nhat Kim Anh revealed that her associates do not see her as a woman, they always joke that she looks stronger than men.

She shared: “People close to me often call me Mr. Kim Anh, because I can handle anything. They always joke that, every time I appear, other young men are afraid of having nothing to do. Actually, I just do my responsibilities and duties well. Whether it’s work or anything, I have to keep myself strong and determined so I can overcome the storm, run the company, and be a support for everyone around me.”

Along with artistic activities, Nhat Kim Anh still devotes herself to running and developing the business. Sometimes the pace of life is so fast that she always reminds herself to slow down, take time for herself, meditate to keep her mind steady.

In the near future, Nhat Kim Anh will continue to do both art and business. In recent years, Nhat Kim Anh has made a strong impression on the audience with her lyrical and folk music style. In the near future, she wants to spread this image more strongly and hopes to receive a lot of love from the audience, which will be the driving force for Nhat Kim Anh to perfect herself.

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