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Rumor has it that EA is about to “sell itself” or switch to a business merger

The company has held talks with potential partners including Disney, Apple and Amazon.

According to Puck, Electronic Arts (EA) is actively looking for a buyer or is ready to merge with another company. The American video game company is said to have held talks with a number of potential buyers or partners such as Disney, Apple and Amazon.

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In the event of a merger, EA will try to keep CEO Andrew Wilson running the company, according to Puck.

In March, EA approached Disney in an “enhanced relationship” to go beyond licensing agreements. However, Disney “rejected”, deciding not to promote the relationship with EA.

Because, the “mouse house” is still focusing on its live streaming service. Besides, the initiative to merge EA and ESPN, of which Disney owns a part, is spreading widely in the industry.

But of all the potential partners, Comcast was the closest to reaching an agreement. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts reportedly approached Wilson with an offer to merge NBCUniversal with EA. Under the agreement, Roberts will retain majority control of the merged company, but Wilson remains chief executive officer.

However, the parties involved did not agree on the selling price as well as the structure of the combined organization, leading to the agreement not being passed.

EA is still an independent company for now, but Puck said it has been active in its quest for an acquisition or merger since Microsoft announced it was buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. .

Notably, Sony also revealed that it was acquiring Studio Bungie for $3.6 billion shortly after Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision.

Responding to this news, EA spokesman John Reseburg said the company will not comment on rumors or speculation above.

“We pride ourselves on operating with a strong position and potential, and a host of amazing game franchises developed by incredibly talented teams. With a network of more than half a billion players, we see it. a very bright future lies ahead,” Reseburg added.

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