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Russia shows goodwill to continue negotiations with Ukraine

According to Boris Medinsky, Russia is ready to continue the dialogue. However, the resumption of peace talks currently depends on the decision of the Ukrainian side, and Russia has never refused to negotiate.

Specifically, in an interview with Belarusian TV channel, Mr. Medinsky stated: “For our part, we are ready to continue the dialogue.” According to the official, the resumption of peace talks now depends on the decision of the Ukrainian side and “Russia has never refused to negotiate”.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Zelensky also affirmed that Kiev is ready to resume conflict resolution negotiations with Moscow on the condition that Russian forces return to the position they were in before February 24, when Russia developed move military campaign in Ukraine. In the statement, President Zelensky said that Russian forces need to withdraw to temporary lines or lines. Only then, the two sides “can start full negotiations”.

The Ukrainian leader stressed that “not all bridges” for peace talks with Russia have been destroyed.

Russia shows goodwill to continue negotiations with Ukraine - Photo 1.

Delegations of Russia and Ukraine at the talks in the Gomel region, Belarus on February 28, 2022. (Photo: AP)

The foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia met in Turkey in March, followed by a meeting of their respective delegations in Istanbul, but failed to produce concrete results.

On May 17, Ukraine’s chief negotiator Mykhaylo Podolyak said that the negotiation process with Russia was “on hold” after being held regularly in the past time without any significant progress.

Previously, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexei Zaisev on May 6 said that the process Russia and Ukraine peace talks is stalled. The member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ostensibly support an early end to the conflict, but are doing everything to prevent that prospect from becoming a reality, he stressed. increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine with a scale of billions of dollars.

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