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Stunned with the world’s longest flight time record of fish

05/23/2022 08:25 GMT+7

As a rare fish that has the ability to fly above water, the flying fish has set a world record for the longest flight time.

A film crew from Japan’s NHK has captured a video of a flying fish floating above the water between Kuchinoerabujima and Yakushima islands in Kagoshima, southwestern Japan.

Stunned with the world's longest flight time record of fish
Stunned with the world’s longest flight time record of fish

The flying fish in the video set a world record for the longest flying fish. The cinematographer recorded the video while standing on the ferry, the crew was on their way to shoot scenes for a documentary about nature.

Based on the speed of the ferry, it is estimated that the fish is moving at about 30 km/h. The longest time a flying fish has been on the water surface is 45 seconds.

More than 50 species of flying fish, in the marine fish family known as Exocoetidae, inhabit warmer ocean waters worldwide.

These anomalies range in length from 15 to 50 centimeters, and can begin to fly when they reach about 5 centimeters in length.

They can emerge from the water to avoid high-speed hair-swimming predators below, and extend their long pectoral fins to glide through the air.

The eyes of the flying fish, especially the cornea that protects their eyes, have developed so that the fish can see underwater as well as in the air. They fly very quickly but flying fish usually stay in the air for only a few seconds before landing back on the water. However, the video recorded by the Japanese cinematographer shows it to be a complicated 45-second move.

It is known that the normal distance that flying fish can fly is 50 meters, while the maximum distance is 400 meters before diving into the water. Flying fish are also capable of jumping up to 8 meters above the water.

Experts reveal that flying fish have difficulty flying at temperatures lower than 20 degrees Celsius, colder temperatures tend to interfere with the muscle function needed for flying fish to achieve the speed needed to launch out of the water.

The record for the longest flight of a flying fish is 42 seconds, recorded by American researcher Junji Yonezawa in the US in 1920. According to biologist Frank Fish, flying fish can perform 12 consecutive flights. next. When the fish dives back into the water at the end of its flight, it will immediately begin a superfast swim, increasing its speed to generate enough thrust to get out of the water again.

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