The 118th minute “injustice” and the turn that opened the historic victory of Seagame

“Grief” minute 118

In the 118th minute of the semi-final match, U23 Vietnam is leading U23 Malaysia with a score of 1-0, Tien Linh received the ball after a quick pass from a teammate and stood before the opportunity to open a quick counter-attack. The two sides Tien Linh, Huynh Cong De and Dung Quang Nho also banded up to be ready to cooperate.

But instead of opening a line or holding the ball to break through, the striker wearing the Binh Duong shirt rotates around to deceive the opponent and slowly passes the ball to Dung Quang Nho. No more fast counter-attacks, U23 Vietnam continued the match at a slow pace to buy time.

Tien Linh: The injustice of the 118th minute and the turn that opened the historic victory - Photo 1.

Tien Linh stopped the ball instead of continuing the counterattack.

The handling in the above situation made Tien Linh receive many criticisms. Some commented that Tien Linh lacked the decisiveness and sophistication needed by the striker and ruined a delicious ball of the home team.

However, there are also many experts and fans who support Tien Linh. Former player Dang Phuong Nam thinks that the 24-year-old striker’s choice is reasonable.

Because Tien Linh was not inherently strong in holding the ball to break through, moreover it was the 118th minute, his physical strength had decreased a lot. U23 Vietnam is holding the advantage and not necessarily risking the ball because it will face the risk of being counter-attacked.

The turn that opens the historic trophy

In sea ​​Games 31, Tien Linh is often ranked as the highest player in Vietnam’s U23 attack. But in the final, he was asked by coach Park Hang-seo to play wider, back down to make the ball or drift off the edge.

In the 83rd minute, Tien Linh had the ball on the opponent’s side and was faced with a choice: Open the ball quickly down the right wing or look for another solution. And like in the match against Malaysia U23, he turned around again before swinging the ball to the left for Phan Tuan Tai.

Tien Linh: The injustice of the 118th minute and the turn that opened the historic trophy - Photo 2.

Tien Linh stopped the ball and passed it to the opposite wing for Tuan Tai.

With a vast space in front of him, Tuan Tai comfortably watched before hanging the ball into the penalty area. That hanging road found Nham Manh Dung, and Dung headed the net U23 Thailand, bringing the victory with the 31st SEA Games gold medal for U23 Vietnam.

But if at that time, Tuan Tai and Manh Dung could not create a goal, would Tien Linh receive criticism for slowing down the attack? Likely! But no matter what, Tien Linh will still accept it because he has made the decision based on his playing experience and intuition.

On the way to the 31st SEA Games gold medal, Tien Linh is one of the most controversial names of U23 Vietnam. The Hai Duong striker himself also admitted in the group stage that he did not achieve good ball feeling and missed many opportunities.

Amidst a lot of pressure, Coach Park Hang-seo still believes in Tien Linh. And Tien Linh responded to that belief with two decisive situations in the knockout round matches: The header hit the Malaysian U23 net to set the score 1-0 and the opening path for Tuan Tai to create an assist for Manh Dung. scored against Thailand U23.

Tien Linh: The injustice of the 118th minute and the turn that opened the historic victory - Photo 3.

On the day of receiving the SEA Games gold medal, Tien Linh confessed that he considers words of encouragement as his belief, criticism as motivation to strive, determined to play better. That is probably a reasonable behavior of a striker, a position that always stands between the line between the hero and the “criminal”, between praise and criticism.

24 years old, once won the AFF Cup, 2 SEA Games gold medals, reached the third qualifying round of the World Cup, but Tien Linh is still aiming for bigger goals. Believe that in the next tournaments of the Vietnamese team, fans will witness a more and more perfect Tien Linh and bring back more historical victories.

U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Thailand | 31st SEA Games men’s football (Phu Quy)

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