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The discovery of wild hills and the “landslide” of the bee sting

Also yellow but this fruit is very strange!

I don’t know where the Stork heard it, but he whispered to me about a “miracle” fruit growing on the hill behind my house. Born in a place where all the mountains overlap, I also know that my hometown has many interesting specialties. My father went to work or enlisted in the forest to dig up the three-kick root to soak in wine. My mother likes the ripe myrtle fall all over the hills.

As for me, I stupidly listened to the stork and went to find the wild fruit. Then, after eating the whole bag, I couldn’t open my mouth to talk to anyone!

A trip to discover wild hills and a

In childhood memories My own, I remember the rainy season at the end of summer, it was wet for a whole month. My best friend is too free to do anything, he often pretends to sit and chat with young men in the neighborhood to “eat” some peanut candy. He is 10 years old, but the Stork is very tall, sitting with the brothers also crosses his legs like right. One day he wore a hat to go out for a walk, I was sitting and pasting a picture of Hoan Chau Cach Cach when he rushed in.

– Hey Sun, it’s really good to have this. The Vietnamese brother’s association said that the hill behind his house was in fruit season. It’s delicious to hear from you guys, will you come pick it with me?

– What fruit? Pineapple or pineapple? Did you hear me wrong?

– My ears are like Trieu Chieu. Who was afraid of ghosts in the toilet last night and had to call me to save them? If I pretend to be deaf, you’ll faint.

– Oh well…

– Nam said that the fruit is golden in color like a chicken egg, fragrant and delicious to eat.

After listening to it, I also drooled, quickly ducking my head into the planning table to go up the hill. We often invite each other to discover “mysterious” things near our house, so hearing the name of a strange fruit for the first time made my blood curious. I’ll definitely have to try it and see how it goes.

A trip to discover wild hills and a

It rained heavily that day, so we had to postpone it until it was sunny. 2 days as long as 2 centuries, when I wake up in the morning and see the jubilant sun, I immediately run to howl Mr. The two children prepared full hats, asked permission from the parents on both sides, and then fell. Since the hill was not far from home, we walked. If you climb the hill and ride a bicycle, of course you will be scolded for being crazy!

The stork asked the brothers for directions very carefully. Someone even drew a “map” for it on olive paper, set up markers and symbols. I led it to follow directions, circled through the streams, and reached the destination. Although I was threatened by my father that I would go to the forest or have a snake in the bush, but thinking about that delicious new fruit, I suddenly became brave like a superhero! After walking for about an hour, I was too tired to sit down and take a break, and was pulling out a packet of snacks to eat when the Stork rang loudly.

– Hey, I found the fruit!

– Where? Is this correct?

– Exactly as Nam described. Yellow as an egg, the fruit is the size of a fist, round and round. It also grows in clusters.

– Are you sure it’s not a poisonous fruit? Last time you tricked me into eating something, it made my mouth itch.

– Hehe, rest assured that you can eat this time.

We picked a bag full and then found a shady tree to sit and eat. The wind is cool, from where I sit, I can see the sea in front of the house. The Stork had his grandmother’s areca-slicing knife ready, carefully studying the outer skin of the fruit. Recognize that the fruit is fragrant, has a gentle smell, and the inside is like mangosteen. Waiting for it to cut the first fruit, my saliva fell to my chin. The moment I bit into the piece of fruit, I opened my eyes to enjoy the sweet and sour taste that permeated every cell.

Damn, it’s really delicious fruit! If only at that time there was apricot salt, I would have eaten hundreds of pomelos. The Stork split dozens of fruits at once, but he couldn’t keep up with my eating speed. Around there are a few more bamboo trees, the trunks are short but the fruit is terrible. A few bunches of ripe flowers were within reach, so we filled another bag and left. I regretfully told the Stork to come back the next day, he was tired and didn’t want to climb.

A trip to discover wild hills and a

On the way back, I felt something strange in my mouth. The teeth are a bit sticky at first, then the lips also don’t seem slippery. The Stork also talks a little differently, his voice is a bit murky. So we rushed home to look in the mirror.

Oh stop, the mouth is yellow, it’s all sticky plastic! The more you drink water, the more the plastic clings to your teeth. In a panic, we went to brush our teeth, and the brush was also yellow and sticky like glue.

Mom beat me up for breaking a new toothbrush. As for the Stork, his father gave him a full blow after discovering that his shirt was sticky with plastic. What a best friend born by fate, with happiness, mutual enjoyment, and suffering together!

The dent on the forehead after the encounter with the ground bee

After the wild fruit incident, Co and I invited each other to rent a tape and stay at home to watch for peace. After a few days, his son was bored and his limbs were itchy. So I suggested he learn to play badminton, which is both healthy and fun. He happily left immediately, worshiping me as his teacher because at school I was the best at physical education.

My father’s “tools” are available at home, so I take them to teach the Stork. Every afternoon, when the sun is almost out, we run down the alley, freely swinging our racquets. The first few days he was yelled at all the time, scolded loudly for the crime of poor reception. There’s every service that it hits and misses, and there’s also a genius who likes to throw the shuttlecock up and then jump like he’s playing on TV. But the results were all flung into the air, even slamming into my legs, making me helpless!

By the time he mastered badminton, the Stork was very passionate. Early in the morning, he called me up and asked me to get up and play with him, in the afternoon, of course, he wouldn’t forgive me. The Stork’s parents were also surprised by their son’s progress. After playing about him, he made three bowls of rice immediately. Then there was a power outage in the evening, he sat and bragged to me that he was going to go to the Olympics when he was 18 years old.

A trip to discover wild hills and a

I left the body for the stork to cut the wind. But in my heart I still think he might become a really famous athlete, because he’s so tall. But the Stork’s dream of a world badminton championship was dashed after a hot afternoon. It was enthusiastically fighting me when the orb flew straight into the bushes. The stork was very pleased with that phase because it swung the racket nervously.

Just went to the bushes to get the bridge while bragging, the Stork said that after playing, he would treat me to ice cream. Suddenly it shouted “Ah!” With an earth-shaking sound, I jumped up and ran out to see what was wrong. Wow, a giant earth bee stuck its trunk straight on the forehead of the Stork! It looked like it was in a lot of pain, staggered and fell down crying. I shouted for help, my neighbor Bien, who was sweeping leaves nearby, came to pick up the Stork.

Fortunately, the sting is not too deep, and the ground bee is not as poisonous as the wasp. With timely first aid, the Stork escaped. But his forehead was swollen with a big, purple tumor. He also had a headache for a few days, so he didn’t dare to go play badminton with me anymore. My father and Dad took the hoe to the place where it was stung by the bee, cleared the overgrown weeds and discovered the other bee’s burrow. The number of Storks is also unlucky, who said he dropped the ball in the right place! Now its forehead still has a tiny dent, attesting to a stormy “young and old” time.

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