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The fine when cars enter the emergency stop lane on the highway that people should know

Recently, in big cities or on highways, cars often come to emergency stops. This is considered a “smart” behavior of a part of the driver when traffic jams take place.

Instead of waiting in line to move, many drivers entered the emergency stop lane to go faster. This not only violates traffic laws but also endangers other vehicles participating in traffic.

According to regulations, the emergency stop lane does not allow vehicles to operate. Specifically, according to Point C, Clause 1, Article 26 of the Law on Road Traffic in 2008, it is forbidden to allow vehicles to drive in the emergency stopping lanes and the curbs.

Fines when cars enter the emergency lane on the highway

Fines when cars enter the emergency stop lane on the highway - Photo 1.

Cars enter the emergency stop lane on the highway. KP’s photo.

For the act of driving a car into the emergency stop lane on the highway, it will be administratively sanctioned. Specifically, Decree 100/2019/ND-CP on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of road traffic and railways stipulates that vehicle drivers run in the emergency stopping lane or the curb of the road. Highways will be fined at 3 – 5 million VND.

In addition, the violators of vehicles are also deprived of the right to use their driving licenses for 1-3 months according to Clause 11, Article 5 of this Decree.

What does the emergency stop lane do?

On highways or ring roads, emergency stop lanes are used in emergency situations and vehicles want to stop when there is an incident such as breakdown, fire or explosion. When there is a sign that the car has a problem, the driver should actively signal and steer to the right.

When the vehicle stops in the emergency lane, the driver’s next task is to turn on the hazard warning lights and use objects such as tree branches and foam boxes to block the rear of the vehicle to warn vehicles traveling in the same direction to slow down. degree.

After making sure it is safe to stop on the emergency stop lane, the driver should try to find the emergency phone number (usually written on the signs and landmarks) to contact the rescue service on the road. Highway will come to help you fix the problem.

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