The launch pad helps students get ready to go out into the world

Tran Thuy Duong, a former Vinschool student, is studying at National Tsinghua University – Taiwan (Top 31 best schools in Asia according to QS World University Rankings) with a full scholarship. Previously, with an IELTS score of 7.5 and possessing 2 Advanced Placement (AP) certificates in Economics, Thuy Duong was invited by many prestigious universities. However, Duong decided to choose National Tsinghua University and studied at the same time two majors in Business Administration and Quantitative Finance.

Sharing about the journey to conquer the full scholarship of the top university in Taiwan, Thuy Duong confided:Thanks to my personal academic advisor and credit model at Vinschool, I have built a learning strategy by myself, aiming to conquer English so that I can confidently apply for scholarships to study abroad.“.

And Nguyen Hoang Tue Minh, owner of a Youtube channel specializing in teaching English, has been studying at Vinschool since 6th grade. Although still in grade 12, with a score of 8.5 IELTS (December 2020) and 1,500 SAT (December 2020). In 2021, Tue Minh has been invited by many top American universities such as Mount Holyoke College, Denison University, Texas Christian University… to send admission letters and award scholarships.

I loved learning English since I was a child, but it was not until I joined Vinschool that my English was developed in the direction of communication and I also felt a lot more confident when speaking and writing in English.“.

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Outstanding English achievement is the key to success to help Vinschool students confidently go out into the world.

Not only Thuy Duong and Tue Minh, more than 92% of Vinschool’s students achieved an average IELTS score of 7.0. The percentage of Vinschool students achieving A and A+ with IGCSE certificates is also higher than the world average in all subjects. This is a solid foundation, the key to help them confidently open the door to integrate with the world.

Recently, many high school students of Vinschool have received admission letters and awarded scholarships from leading universities in the world such as Nguyen Tu Minh with a major in Biology at the University of Cambridge, UK. ranked 3rd in the world) or Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh with the good news of a 50% scholarship from New York University, USA (ranked 26 in the world in the Times of Higher Education’s prestigious university rankings 2022) .

Equipping with the skills needed by global citizens

In addition to the outstanding knowledge and English background and international standard certificates, being equipped with necessary skills such as self-study ability, critical thinking, responsibility to the community, high adaptability, The ability to plan and master the plan… is also a plus point to help Vinschool students become more confident and active in learning as well as in life. Learning through projects and extracurricular activities with high career orientation is built by Vinschool for students right from the early days of high school.

Many workshops at Vinschool have taught me skills such as essay writing and CV making. After participating in these workshops, I know what I need to do while preparing my application, what to write and what parts to emphasize to conquer the admissions committee.“, Thuy Duong shared.

If in 10th grade, Duong and his friends can participate in skill training workshops, participate in psychological tests, seminars, and advice from career experts, in 11th grade, they will experience Internship week at leading businesses and schools in fields such as Marketing, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Finance, Education & Training, Science – Technology…

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The week of internships at businesses in grade 11 helps Vinsers better understand their future career choices

During the internship week at DNSE Securities Joint Stock Company, Nguyen Vu Dieu Linh (class 11A5, Vinschool Times City High School, Hanoi) was very excited because he had the opportunity to delve into the world of finance – securities. with new terminology, knowledge about bonds, stocks or markets. In particular, each trainee gets to own a virtual account and play the role of real investors to learn skills in this field, under the guidance of seasoned financial experts. experience.

After the internship week, I understood and loved the finance industry more and more. Moreover, according to the experiences imparted by experts at DNSE, I have a better understanding of job opportunities after graduation when following this path.“, shared Dieu Linh.

After graduation, 45% of Vinschool students choose a regular university (of which 39% are considered for direct admission), 40% choose a domestic international university and 15% choose to study abroad. Notably, among Vinschool students studying abroad, up to 50% receive scholarships from leading prestigious schools in the world such as Cambridge University (UK), New York University (USA), Australian National University. …

This is both the result of Vinser’s efforts throughout the learning process and the “sweet fruit” of the Vinschool Education System on the journey of incubating the elite and training students to become responsible citizens. , has ambitions with full qualities and capabilities to live happily and successfully, actively contributing to national construction and international integration.

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