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The male doctor pointed out the cause of the “little boy” of many boys abnormal – Life Health

Monday, May 23, 2022 16:41 PM (GMT+7)

If your child’s penis is abnormally small, the doctor may perform tests to evaluate the cause.

Doctor Nguyen Hoai Bac, Department of Southern Medicine and Sex Medicine – Hanoi Medical University Hospital, said that recently, the Faculty’s admission of boys to the clinic has increased dramatically because parents are worried about their “little boy”. .

When the elementary school children finished their exams and were preparing for summer vacation, the number of children’s medical examinations increased greatly. Some days, the number of children who come to the doctor is up to 20% of the patients examined at the Department of Andrology and Sex Medicine, Hanoi Medical University Hospital.

The male doctor pointed out the reason why the


Besides the usual reasons for taking their children to the doctor such as: frequent urination, itching in the urinary tract, pain in the penis and scrotum, not seeing the testicles, not being able to turn the foreskin, parents often wonder that yang Your child’s body is unusually small.

So what is a small penis?

According to BS Bac, micropenis is a noun used to refer to an abnormally small penis. Doctors diagnose micropenis when a person’s penis is less than 2.5 standard deviations from the mean length of the penis as it ages.

For example: The average length of the penis of an infant (western) when stretched is 2.8-4.2 cm, the micropenis is defined as less than 1.9 cm, the length is from 1.9 to 2.8 cm can be considered shorter than average, but not micropenis.

For children 6-7 years old (western) the average length of the penis when pulled was 6.1 cm, the micropenis was defined as less than 3.9 cm.

For the average adult (western) penis length when pulled was 13.3 cm, the micropenis was defined as less than 9.3 cm.

When an endocrine disorder is present, the penis of a male fetus may not develop in a normal way, which is the most common cause of a small penis (micropenis). Maternal exposure to pesticides or other harmful chemicals during pregnancy may be a less common cause.

Testosterone deficiency, during pregnancy, is often the cause of micropenis and can also cause other genital abnormalities. Testosterone deficiency can arise when the male fetus does not produce enough testosterone or when the mother does not produce enough gonadotrophin hormone during pregnancy.

A baby boy will experience a surge in testosterone around 0–3 months after birth. This is an important period for the development of the penis. If this process is disrupted due to hormonal problems, that boy may have a smaller penis.

Therefore, if a person thinks his penis is small, see a doctor. Doctors will accurately measure the size of the man’s penis and confirm with them whether micropenis is present or not. However, a doctor will usually diagnose micropenis at birth.

If an infant’s penis is unusually small, the doctor may perform tests to evaluate the cause, including:

Physical exam: Besides measuring the penis, the doctor may look for other signs, such as fat lumps or abnormal fat masses.

Blood tests: check the baby’s hormone levels, or do genetic tests to determine the baby’s biological sex.

Magnetic resonance imaging or pelvic ultrasound to view the genitals and surrounding structures.

If hormone treatments don’t work, surgery may help. The time of surgery is usually when the male is fully developed (puberty).

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