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The moment of impatience caused the truck driver to smash 2 trucks in Binh Thuan to pay the price

Angry because he thought he was cursed by the storekeeper while having lunch, Hoang drove a motorbike to “frustrate”, using a bucket to smash two colleagues’ cars on the construction site.

This morning (May 17), after a day of trial and deliberation, the People’s Court of Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan province sentenced Dinh Van Hoang (26 years old, hometown of Kon Tum) to 2 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of Co intent to damage property.

Hoang is a truck driver who uses a bucket to smash two cars on the construction site of the North-South highway in Ham Thuan Bac district, causing a stir in February.

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The camera recorded the scene of Hoang driving a excavator (circled in red) damaging the truck. Image cut from clip

According to the indictment, in February 2022, Hoang was accepted to work as a worker for Newsun Bridge and Road Joint Stock Company (Newsun Company), which is building the North-South Expressway at km 212 of the road in hamlet 2, Thuan commune. Minh, Ham Thuan Bac district. Here, Hoang was assigned the job of operating the excavator.

At noon on March 1, while eating at the shack, Hoang said that he was cursed by Mr. Le Tran Nhat Thanh (40 years old, from Quang Nam) – the storekeeper of Newsun Company, so he was angry.

Around 5:00 p.m. on the same day, Hoang drove a motorbike to scoop up the camp area and remembered the incident of being scolded by Mr. Thanh, so he drove the car to the back of the truck BKS 29H-477.53 that Mr. Thanh often used, using a ladle. repeatedly hit the front of the cab, the body of the car caused the car to be deformed and deformed. Seeing this, Mr. Thanh panicked and ran away.

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The first-instance trial of defendant Dinh Van Hoang, on May 16. Photo: Phu Nguyen

After that, Hoang drove the truck back to the camp and saw the truck BKS 60C-122.26 driven by Mr. Lai Phuc Loc (39 years old, from Nam Dinh), thinking that Mr. Thanh was sitting in this vehicle, so Hoang drove the vehicle. the excavator approached, repeatedly hitting the front of the vehicle. Fortunately, Mr. Loc opened the car door and ran out in time.

At the conclusion of the property valuation, the total value of damage of the two cars above is more than 134 million VND.

In court, Hoang Thanh confessed his actions. The jury found that Hoang’s act of using a moped bucket to smash other people’s trucks was due to his temper, and there were no human consequences, so there was not enough evidence to handle the crime of murder as suggested. suggestion of the victim.

Regarding criminal responsibility, the jury sentenced Hoang to 2 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of intentionally damaging property. Civil liability, forcing Hoang to compensate the truck owner BKS 60C-122.26 for an additional 90 million VND (compensated 10 million before).

For truck 29H-477.53, the Trial Panel agreed to transfer the part of damage settlement and compensation to another civil case.

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