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The mother-in-law entered the room to give the wedding gold to her daughter-in-law

The night of the wedding, my wife and I sat and counted the congratulatory money and the amount of gold given to us by our grandparents, for a total of 5 gold trees. My husband wants to keep it himself, so he can bring it when he has a little bit of money Business Investment.

I say in the family, the wife should keep the finances, when the husband needs it, he can ask his wife. No matter what, my husband refused to change his mind, making me helpless, letting him manage that gold himself.

The next morning, when we finished eating, my mother-in-law told us to pay for the wedding and the wedding gold given to us was more than 200 million. Mom had to go usury, so now my wife and I have to pay that amount for her. If she doesn’t pay the debt early, she’s afraid of the interest on the mother, and the child, and then sells the house to pay it off.

My husband argued with my mother for a while, and then he also gave all 5 gold trees for her to repay. I immediately protested, saying she couldn’t do that. Marrying a wife for children is the responsibility of the parents, how can they make us spend money? The gold mother gave before the relatives on both sides, the parents are cool, now how can they claim it back?

Seeing that I was upset with my mother, my husband turned to scold his wife and forbade me to speak so rudely to her. Then he told her to put the gold away, no more arguing. I was very angry, wanted to argue, but my husband’s face was too scary so I kept quiet.

Last night, when I got home from work, my mother-in-law came back to my room to bring it back wedding gold number for daughter-in-law. I don’t understand why mom would do that? She said my husband is impulsive, likes to do big business but his mind does not know how to calculate, even if he lets him keep the money, it will all be lost.

My mother told me that I should keep that money as a separate fund, only use it when necessary and absolutely not let my husband know, not to be a big deal.

I did not expect my mother-in-law to be so emotional. Although I apologized to my mother twice for the words she said the day she asked to keep the gold, I still felt very guilty! I don’t know what to do guys!


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