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The US confirmed that the warship was followed by a drone, not a UFO

US defense officials have confirmed the swarm of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) followed naval ships off the coast of California, not UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

After countless speculations, media attention, Freedom of Information Act documents and vague statements from senior officials, mysterious objects stalk the navy ships. The US in 2019 off the coast of California was finally confirmed to be a drone, not a UFO or other spacecraft.

The US confirmed that the warship was followed by a drone, not a UFO - Photo 1

USS Preble destroyer of the US Navy operating at night

US Navy

By page The Drive On May 21, the information was confirmed by senior officials of the US Department of Defense during a recent hearing on UFOs. Furthermore, officials said swarm of drones similarly chased warships on other American coasts.

The first unusual cases appeared in July 2019 around the Channel Islands in California. For several nights in a row, swarms of drones were spotted near the US Navy shipsometimes flying very close to the ship.

The incident forced the ship’s forces to take defensive actions such as deploying an emergency security team, using technology anti drone by jamming. Initial investigations by the Navy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) yielded few results.

After the incident was reported by the media last year, leaked videos of the incidents appeared, including triangular lights flying over warships. The unusual appearance and behavior of the objects raised speculation that it could be UFO or alien spacecraft.

During a hearing at the House Intelligence Committee’s Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Nonproliferation Subcommittee last week, Navy and Defense Department officials confirmed that the objects were in fact drones.

Scott Bray, Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, played a video of one of the incidents in 2019 and said it was the case resolved. He explained that the video went unreported for many years, but after a series of similar incidents happened on another US coast, the navy was able to compare the footage and other data to come up with a conclusion. conclude.

What’s in the video 14 UFOs “circling” US naval ships?

Mr Bray said he was “quite confident” about the conclusion. The official explained that the aperture of the night vision goggles created an optical effect, causing the drones’ triangular appearance.

Still, many questions remain unanswered, like who is piloting the drones and where they come from.

Observers say that the Department of Defense’s public acknowledgment of the presence of drone swarms on the US coast shows that this threat is not theoretical. And they think that if those drones are controlled by enemy forces, right in the training area with the weapons military sensitive US, this incident must be shocking information. According to The DriveJudging from what has been learned so far about the events of 2019, it is clear that the United States is not prepared to detect, identify, and neutralize such threats.

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