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The woman is miserable because “the girl is difficult to say” causing both husbands to have problems, unexpected explanation from experts

May 23, 2022 11:45 AM (GMT+7)

The woman is worried about the “difficult girl”

Sex in women is inherently a mysterious area that any “brother” wants to discover and conquer.However, even women themselves sometimes cannot explain the unexpected changes. about his “little girl” every time he has sex.

Ms. Pham Le Hang (32 years old, native of Bac Ninh) shared that she herself had gone through two “boat times” but had no children, and before getting married at the age of 26, she also had a few “shoulder-to-shoulder” relationships. “. However, what she wondered was that her own relationship seemed to have a bit of a problem, that is, when “in love” with each person, the elasticity of the vagina has a huge difference. Even the same man, but every time she does “sex”, she also feels different.

According to Ms. Hang’s share, she found that she could not adjust the width or tightness of the “little girl” each time she had sex. “With my previous husband, every time I get close, I feel that my private area is too tight, even painful, uncomfortable, difficult to reach the climax. However, with my current husband, most of the time, the “little girl” relationship expands too much even though I have not given birth yet. Whenever that happens, my husband doesn’t seem to be interested, which makes me feel stressed,” she confided to the doctor.

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The wife is worried because her “little girl” has a different expression each time she has sex. Illustration.

However, also with her second husband, sometimes she feels pain during sex because “the girl” is too cramped. So far, she has never interfered in the sensitive area, so she is worried about whether she has any disease.

Master and doctor Phan Chi Thanh (Central Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology) said that the condition of the vagina being too wide or too tight is a problem many women wonder about and there are many misunderstandings. Accordingly, many people believe that a wide vagina is due to a lot of sex, childbirth… and a tight vagina is due to a deformity or a disease.

Doctor Thanh said that the feeling of “little girl” is wide or tight depends mainly on the level of relaxation or stimulation at a certain time. Because the vagina is very elastic and the sensation is mainly dependent on the muscles surrounding it and personal feelings.

“If you are stressed or anxious, even unwilling and resistant, intercourse often feels very cramped, causing discomfort, burning pain. There have even been cases of not being able to have sex due to vaginal spasms due to psychological stress.

Conversely, if a woman is relaxed, comfortable, and feels wanted and wanted, the area is likely to “open up” more because the muscles of the vagina and surrounding muscles will relax instead of contracting. again”, Doctor Thanh advises.

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Dr. Phan Chi Thanh said that the problem of the vagina is wide or tight when having sex mainly because of reasons.

How to handle the problem?

So to solve this problem, what do you need to do? Doctor Thanh advises, if you feel that the vagina is too tight during sex, let go and relax, and ask your “partner” to relax, not try to enter.

Along with that, the two of you should arouse interest by other activities such as hugging, stroking, kissing… Even if you feel uncomfortable, you can refuse but not for the sake of pampering your husband/partner. try to endure.

In case you have done everything but there is no result, every time sex is still painful and cannot be done due to vaginal spasms, you will have to seek the help of a specialist to desensitize sex.

As for the case of worrying because the feeling of “little girl” is too wide during sex, according to the doctor, you should not be too worried, because the “expanding” condition can indicate that you are very interested in the sexual experience. sex with “other half”. It is this that makes you relaxed and fully “prepared”, feeling confident and comfortable when close. In this case, it’s best not to think about it, just continue to relax and enjoy.

* Patient name has been changed

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